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    Greetings everyone,

    I am quite excited to start my first M&M 3rd ed campaign this week. I have been running gaming sessions for several other games for quite a while now but am completely new to M&M. I am looking for an intro adventure that is not so 'superhero-y' in the sense that there are not many superheroes out there doing good / evil and the PCs are just a bunch among them. So, sth that makes them stand out (Perhaps there are other superheroes but are hiding -sort of X-men setting - perhaps the world or one or more villains has killed most superheroes - perhaps superheroes just started happening - Misfits series style this sort of thing). I should also add (since I 've never played the game before) that I am not familiar with the existing settings so I don't know if any of them falls into the type I am looking for. Any suggestion would be more than welcome. Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Modules suggestions?

    You might be interested in A More Perfect Union, written for the Paragons setting for M&M 2nd edition. It's based on the TV show Heroes with it's own unique twists.

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      Re: Modules suggestions?

      Thx I ll check it out!


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        Re: Modules suggestions?

        Both Time of Crisis and Time of Vengeance are set in Freedom City, which has a rich variety of superheroes, but built in such a way that it's justified that they're the only ones available for the crises. Both also include hooks to ensure that this remains the case after the event.

        Emerald City Knights goes even further in that Emerald City didn't have superpowered people publicly until the events of the adventure, so your heroes are de facto the resident superheroes.
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