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The World of Antharia: A high fantasy super's campaign.

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  • The World of Antharia: A high fantasy super's campaign.

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    Just a bunch of ideas right now, day 1

    MissRapture38's Fantasy Campaign for M&M

    Campaign Concept:
    In this world, the players are specially gifted Individuals who possess a strange and great power. I'm gonna name the world Antharia, intend on making this a fantasy medieval world where super powered individuals exist. .

    There is a power called Aether by scholars, otherwise known as the Essence of everything. That which binds creation together. Some develop their powers slowly, and naturally over time. While some powers are activated by traumatic experiences, or intense emotional situations.And some with the talent can be "taught" in academies through out Antharia.

    Cultures and Tech Levels of Antharia will vary, but I am not sure how big i'll make it. Probably better to start out small.

    Those who are gifted with strange and unique powers are called "Archons", beings of old who were said to hold the power of the gods themselves.

    In this world, there is a mysterious compound called “Ellisite”. A miraculous substance, which helps healing, creates light, and can be used to bind Aether to objects making them “Magical”. The fact that it grows, makes some believe, it is a “living matter” and not a inorganic compound. Consuming Ellisite, can be dangerous, but also can create the most powerful effects.

    Their are also "Abominations" which are the counter part to Archons, in the extreme. They have been twisted by not only the Aether, but their own twisted psychology. And are the monsters of myth and legend. But that doesn't mean that Archons cannot be evil, what so ever.

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      In the beginning...

      Antharia, a great realm dotted with a multitude of kingdoms, empires, and vast majestic expanses. A glittering jewel in the night of the cosmos. A pearl upon a string for the gods to play with. Ah but everything is not always beautiful, in the corners and cracks there is darkness, destruction, where evil dwells. But let's not forget, a pretty face is not always good. And the terrifying, is not always evil. The gods are spoken of as a multitude, but all coming from one great host or pantheon. Because all things come back to its beginnings, and all things are bound together be a single source. The Aether.

      The gods created a garden from which all life and Aether flows, and in that garden they created what seemed fairest to them. From this source, all life , matter, and energy flows. And when they were done, Antharia was born. Sea's filled the deepest valleys and pits, air swept across the land. Great majestic forests grew from the earth, thick and lush. Along with a wide variety of life, ranging from the smallest seed to the greatest beasts.
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        The Lunari

        The Lunari Race
        General Appearance
        This is the first race for my World of Antharia. They appear very much like humans, thought they are far more attractive by human eyes. Their skin coloration is pale to fair, with just the hint of color. Though their complexion gives a youthful look between the ages of 20 to 30 by human years, that never seems to age. They give off a gentle luminosity from their skin, almost like a healthy glow that mimics the soft haze of moonlight.

        The Lunari stand anywhere from 5'6” to 6'3” in height. The reach maturity by the time they are 35 years of age compared to most humans, their life span seems a gift. Once they reach maturity however, they do not seem to age, defying the passage of time. Some have been recorded to have lived as much as 310 years of age.

        One thing that stands out for the Lunari, are the slight elongation of their ear lobes. Their ears seem to grow one of two ways. Straight out away from the head, or a 30 degree angle straight back. There is a physiological reason why this occurs, those with a greater magical potential seem to have ears that point back. Those who lack magical potential, have ears that grow away from the head.

        The Lunari Culture
        The Lunari people live in the North Western part of the continent, just beyond the --- Forest. The Lunari civilization is a great empire of civilized folk, living in grand spiral cities surrounded by white walls and glittering towers. They are ruled by the Empress --- . The Primary patron diety is the Goddess Luna. Represented as a moon goddess, she also has controlling aspects in Magic.

        Lunari Abilities and Powers
        Keen Intellect / Sturdy Body. Lunari who are born with high ears possess keen minds, granting them a +1 bonus to their Intellect Scores. However thoe who are born with low ears, end up gaining a +1 bonus to their stamina scores instead. The loss in magical ability, turns inwards and makes them far more sturdy.
        Beautiful Things. Lunari are an attractive race, and start with 1 rank of attractive automatically.
        Bright Eyes. All lunari possess greater levels of night vision, which allows them to see even in the dimmest of light. Senses 1 (low-light vision, innate)
        Magical Talent. Lunari born with high ears, channel their magical power into a gift. This power is of magical origin, and can be different from person to person. The player may choose a power with a magical origin, worth up to 6 pp's in cost. Low eared Lunari, don't loose out, they gain the ability to magically jaunt distance. This “Magical Jaunt” is the Teleport power at Rank 2, with the easy and turn about power feats.

        Weaknesses and Limitations
        For all their grace and power, even the Lunari are not without weakness.

        There will be a lot of things here, that will be unfinished since I am slow when it comes to ideas.