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My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

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  • My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

    I'm really enjoying reading over the various releases from Vigilance Press, namely the material centered around Beacon City. It's sparked my imagination, and got me thinking about building a campaign world using what they've published as the basis, but with my own additions.

    A few quick notes on government agencies: Just like the real world, this world is chock full of government agencies, and depending on your point of view, they're either a hindrance or a help. The US, in particular, seems to have an agency for everything, each vying for a seat at the table.

    The Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs (BETA) is still alive and well, and now falls under the purview of the Dept. of Homeland Security.

    META, while still an independent agency, is under a lot of pressure to be folded into the Dept. of Justice.

    The US Military has a task force, the Joint Metahuman Security Task Force, code named: Alpha Blue, on standby to respond to large scale "special events" that local law enforcement, or other federal agencies are incapable of handling on their own. They maintain stockpiled equipment at several locations around the country, allowing them to rapidly deploy to a location, and draw gear from stocks. Their primary training facility, Alpha Base, is located in Nevada, not far from Las Vegas.

    Unknown to most of the outside world, the CIA and NSA have a joint unit devoted to monitoring potential metahuman threats against the US, codenamed Project Overwatch. It's staffed by a few dedicated analysts who scour news feeds, intelligence reports, and communications intercepts looking for any signs of a potential attack on the US or its interests.

    The US is far from the only country with an official government agency tasked with monitoring metahumans. Most of the Western world, Russia, and many developing countries, such as India, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa have some sort of official agency, or military program, to either monitor metahuman activity, or sponsor a program to develop metahumans.

    The Israeli's maintain a team of military trained metas codenamed The Shield of David. They've seen action in Lebanon, Syria, and Occupied Territories.

    The European Union's various law enforcement agencies have formed a loose information sharing network, called the ARGUS Network, for sharing information on the various metahumans and paranormal incidents that occur within their borders.

    The French agency tasked with dealing what they've named "extra-normal" crimes, is known as The 13eme Bureau du le Ministre de L’Interier, or "Le Bureau" as it's informally referred to by the general populace, is the French Republic's answer to what they have come to call "extra normal" incidents, on French soil. The Bureau's agents have powers similar to the the Gendarmerie Nationale, in that they are both a law enforcement agencies, with military duties. While they're formal members of the ARGUS Network, they tend to like to do their own thing and not be restricted by silly little things like treaties.

    The EU also maintains its own superteam, called Aegis. It's based in Brussels, Belgium.

    In Canada, the RCMP's Metacrime Investigations Section handles crimes involving metahumans.

    Not to be left out, the Chinese have a government sponsored team, nicknamed the "Gung Ho Super Squad" by the Western media. Very little is known about them, other than they made their public debut during the Tiananmen Square protests, and provided security for the 2014 Olympics. The two members that have been identified by by their code names are Harvest and Thunderfist, but there are believed to be at least half dozen, if not more, additional members.
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    Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

    More Government agencies.

    In addition to the above listed agencies, the US Government has formed a number of specialized agencies, as new or perceived threats have arisen.

    OPI - Within DHS is the Office of Paranormal Investigations, or OPI, originally formed in the mid 1930's, as a small section within the FBI, something Hoover never wanted, it finally gained autonomy after 9/11. They've compiled extensive files on many of the world's supernatural threats, and do some backroom deal making, and have shared those files with members of the Library. While the two organizations have worked together, when it's been beneficial for both, neither really trusts the other as their goals don't necessarily coincide. OPI is a relatively small organization, whose less than 250 actual field agents who tend to either be assigned to their HQ in Washington D.C., or areas with high numbers of paranormal incidents.

    Project Failsafe - Created at the height of the "Red Scare", Project Failsafe, AKA "The Final Option", was a secret DoD program to design a series of weapons capable of "pacifying" rouge metahumans. While funding for program was suspended at the end of the Cold War, the research, and many experimental weapons systems, lay tucked away in government storage facilities, "for a rainy day".

    The United Nations High Commission on Metahuman Crime (UNHCMC) - The UNHCMC was formed a few years ago to deal with the increasing amount of cooperation between rouge metahumans. While they have no legal authority to enforce laws, they have been helpful in standardizing governmental responses to what they've termed "Extranormal Crime", or Metacrime. They've also issued a number of reports detailing incidents involving metahumans, and draft resolutions that have bent sent before fore the UN Security Council recommending that certain metahuman criminals be charged with crimes against humanity, and/or war crimes. Something that has not gained them a lot of admiration in the criminal community.
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      Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world


      The Southwestern African nation of Nambia is a former British colony with large deposits of diamonds and minerals such as copper, tungsten, and uranium. Gaining independence in the mid 1960's, it's seen it share of turmoil, including a number of military coups. The country's former leader, Dr. Jonas Sambivi, has recently been deposed from power by “President for Life”, Col. Joseph Otanga, the commander of what was the Presidential Guard, in a military coup. The despotic leader now rules the county with an iron fist, tolerating no form of descent from the population. Dr. Sambivi, and a few loyal followers, managed to escape into the countryside, where he’s waging a brutal civil war against his usurper. Each side is rumored to have outside backing from various governments friendly to their cause. While Otanga’s forces still control the country's capital, its only deep water port, and many of the country's mineral rich areas, Sambivi's NLF controls the vast majority of the countryside.

      President Otanga has made use of a number of metahuman mercenaries, namely personnel provided by the multinational security firm, Orion Personal Security (OPS), in order to retain his grip on power. OPS has managed to negotiate an extremely lucrative contract with Otanga, which grants them several mining concessions, in addition to their normal fees, as long as he regains his seat as President. Otanga's rival, President Sambivi's National Liberation Front (NLF) has made use of mercenary group Six Gun's services in their bid to overthrow Otanga's regime, thus earning Otanga's ire in the process. Since then, Otanga's placed a multi-million dollar bounty on Six Gun's heads. He also reportedly has the backing of some powerful players, namely the Chinese government, as they had a controlling interest in several of the country's mineral mines.

      What's unknown to many, is that Pres. Otanga is a powerful metahuman in his own right with a number of psionic abilities, which he uses to influence the loyalty of his followers. At the first given opportunity he's planning on double crossing OPS, and cutting his own deal with the Chinese.

      The Simbas - President Otanga's personal bodyguards/enforcers. Known for their brutality and their fierce loyalty, each Simba is hand-picked from members of President Otanga's extended family/clan, the Kisanga Tribe.

      Major Cities

      Lumasi - Formerly known as Victoria Crossing. Nambia's capital and largest city. Home to many European mining concerns and expats. It's also home to OPS West African operations base.

      Port Royal - Nambia's former colonial capital it’s the country's second largest city and home to its only deep water port.

      Optuko City - Located in the Kisanga Provence, it's the country's third largest city, and current home for Pres. Otanga's government in exile.

      Organizations active in Nambia

      Various intelligence services (US, Canada, UK, Russia, China, and South Africa), have operatives active in the country keeping an eye on things, providing support, when they feel its needed, and nudging parties sympathetic to their cause in a direction they feel is beneficial to them. Several large private firms, are also active. Especially ones providing mining or security services.

      Tier One Security Services - A joint UK/South African security firm providing body guards and fixed site security services to a number of mining companies operating in Nambia. It primarily employees personnel who've served in elite military, paramilitary, and police forces from the UK and Commonwealth of Nations. They try to stay out of the local politics, and concentrate on doing the job they've been hired to do.
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        Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

        The Trinity Foundation

        The Trinity Foundation, or the Foundation as its members refer to it, is a West Coast based new age religious group, founded by the enigmatic, but charismatic, Father Tristan Love. They espouse new age enlightenment, an alcohol and drug free lifestyle, and charitable works, as a way to reach a higher state of consciousness. Many high-profile celebrities have become members of the organization advocate the group's ideology as a cure for many of the world's ills. Members of The Foundation, as they like to refer to themselves, all have one thing in common, deep pockets. And the group is ruthless in its pursuit of anyone who speaks out against the Foundation or its teachings, especially former members. Their attorneys are quick to take legal action against their critics, as well as their PR department which will attempt to discredit naysayers in the press.

        What's known to all but a few trusted advisers is that "Father Tristen", as he's referred to within the Foundation, the is a psychic vampire, who feeds on the emotions of his followers. The more followers he has, the stronger he becomes.
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          Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

          Criminal Organizations

          The Omega Syndicate - The Omega Syndicate is a major Russian crime syndicate formed by former members of the various Soviet security, intelligence, and military services. Various Western intelligence, law enforcement, and security services consider them a major player in human trafficking, the illegal arms trade, and the production of designer or "club drugs", as well as the creation of what they term "enhanced humans" (Humans who've been artificially enhanced through the use of drugs, cybernetics, or "other methods"). They're known to make extensive use of metahuman operatives in their activities, especially former Soviet military "super soldiers". From what law enforcement and various Western intelligence agencies have been able to determine, they've continued research in a number of former Soviet "super soldier" programs shutdown after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. While they primarily restrict their operations to the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, they've recently begun to expand their sphere of influence, due to a wave of Russian immigrants to Western Europe and North America.

          The Black Needles - A Mexican criminal cartel operating throughout Mexico, and along the Southwestern U.S. Border. They're involved in firearms and narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, protection rackets, and other criminal activities. They're known to have made use of superpowered metahuman operatives in the past. Something that has US law enforcement officials worried.
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            Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world


            Military Armaments and Research Systems (M.A.R.S.) - A major European defense contractor. Their elusive and enigmatic president, and CEO, Simon Drogo has never been seen in public, leaving the day to day operations of his company to his employees. Rumors of them supplying weapons to rouge nations such as Iran and North Korea, and other countries under UN weapons embargoes, as well as organizations such s OPS have repeatedly surfaced, but nothing has come of them.

            Spectrum Electronics - A relatively new tech firm, that sprung up approximately five years ago, they've taken the tech industry by storm. Developing bleeding edge technologies, they've filed dozens of patents for products that are literally decades ahead of anything their competitors have even dreamed of. Their "Ghostware" is reportedly in use by the NSA and other government agencies and their SBox 3000 is the hottest video gaming system on the market. Unknown to all but a few within their trusted inner circle, their biggest developments are based on reverse engineered alien technology.
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              Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

              The Library - In addition to the Black Chapter, a number of the Library's North American branches are particularly active, namely the ones in San Francisco and Boston. The San Francisco branch is located in what appears to be musty old occult book store in the city's Mission District. The Boston branch, is located in an antique store in the city's Jamaica Plain section.


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                Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                After the end of WWII, BETA stayed hidden from public view till the 60’s, when media reports began making mention of a government agency that dealt with aliens, without actually naming who it was. The USAF Project Blue Book was a deliberate misinformation campaign designed to draw attention away from actual BETA activities.

                Over time, the government grudgingly began to acknowledge their existence without revealing too much information about their operations to the public. Agencies like CIA, NSA, FBI, the Dept. of Defense, and certain members of Congress would be regularly briefed on their operations, but things like their budget, size, organization, etc. would all remain highly classified.

                While remaining small relatively self-contained agency, today it would recruit personnel from law enforcement, the military, and the cream of America’s universities. Recruits would be screened for their intelligence, adaptability, loyalty, and mental stability. People in more action oriental roles would also be screened for their physical prowess. I could easily see them recruiting everything thing from engineers, researchers, and linguists, to former military special operations personnel.


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                  Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                  I've been giving some more thought to where BETA's modern day HQ would be. Their publicly acknowledged offices would be in some nondescript looking building in D.C., or Northern VA, while the main operations center would be located somewhere in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., either in Maryland or Virgina. Say a HQ complex in one of the less populated counties within an hours drive of DC. I could see them having some sort of office complex that would appear to be nothing more than one of many such facilities occupied by one of the dozens of government contractors located in the area. Regional offices would masquerade as FAA, NASA, or NOAA facilities to hide there actual purpose from the general public.
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                    Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                    Keep up the good work Sumnerd!


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                      Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                      The Oppressed - The Oppressed are an extremely violent terrorist organization supposedly fighting for "metahuman civil rights". They're know for their high body count, extensive collateral damage, an refusal to negotiate with government officials. Led by the the mutant telepath, Scorn, the group has increasingly turned its wrath on nongovernmental targets.
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                        Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                        DOJ Office of Metahuman Affairs (OMA) and the "Meta Czar"

                        The US Department of Justice Office of Metahuman Affairs (OMA) is tasked with advising the Attorney General policy issues concerning Metahumans and Metahuman or "Super Crimes" as well as coordinating with other federal law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, the military, and foreign governments.

                        To help coordinate the various government agencies and policies governing metahuman activity, within the U.S., the President has recently created a White House Office of National Metahum Policy and Coordination and appointed a "Meta Czar". The Meta Czar's official title is the National Metahuman Policy Director, the Meta Czar, name was foisted on him by the media, and it stuck.

                        One of the Meta Czar's first priorities is to look at way to better coordinate the response of federal agencies in response to metahuman crime, as well as to make information from federal agencies, such as META, more accessible to local law enforcement. He's been encountering a bit of resistance from the OMA, as until his appointment, they were the government's go to agency when it came to metahuman crimes. There's also been a bit of difficulty with Congress, as several members of the Senate Select Committee on Metahumans has been pushing for META to be absorbed by the Dept. of Homaland Security. Something META has strongly argued against, as they wish to retain their independent status.
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                          Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaign world

                          The Blackthornes - The Blackthornes are a family of witches who're led by the family patriarch Silas Blackthorne. They've managed to amass quite a bit of mystical might over the past few hundred years. They've clashed with members of the Library on several occasions as they're quite fond of stealing information and mystical artifacts.
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                            Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                            Ballistic Technologies (BallisTech) - A major us defense contractor supplying advanced weapons systems to the US military and its allies. There have been a number of attempts by foreign governments, and extremists groups, to penetrate their security to acquire the tech they're developing.
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                              Re: My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world

                              I've been digging around through the various Rogues, Rivals, and Renegades releases, trying to see who'd fit where, and some of them slide in quite nicely. I could easily see Apogee hooking up with my group the Oppressed, if not flat out organizing and leading them.

                              Others that would make fun additions include Cold Snap, Black Heron, The Conductor, El Conquistador, VXen, Iron Dog, Metacide, Kogar, Shockwave, Warchild, Acid Beth, and Clypso.