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    Re: The Betterverse

    Originally posted by betterwatchit View Post
    It is a mash-up, but I also try to add extra details, the sort that make it look like a setting that's actually lived in.
    I am a bit interested to make it play as a GM but the Betterverse seems a bit bushy and I don't know as well as you all the references in the mash-up, an advice to introduce it to potential players ?
    God forgive...not me


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      Re: The Betterverse

      I'm currently finishing off my Operation Inundation III stories. It's quite possible that a veteran super-team got wiped out in the city of your choice, meaning that someone's got to step up.

      Or maybe your team met up during the Inundation, finding that they meshed well. Or maybe, just maybe, it could be a hero's origin. The stress from being caught in an attack the size of an Operation Inundation (which is global in scale) would definitely be enough to activate someone's metagene.

      Try printing out the Slang post and using it when possible. This'll make the setting sound more like it's been lived in.

      Printing out the Superhuman Laws post would help as well. Most western countries will have similar laws affecting superhumans.
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        Re: The Betterverse


        Dragons, those fire-breathing beings of myth and legend, do exist in the Betterverse. Below is but a small list of those dragons whose existence for one reason or another is public knowledge...

        Crimson: Crimson is known as the mascot of Dragon Data, a British computer company who has multiple contracts with the British government. At least half the computers in British state schools are made by Dragon Data and proudly bear its logo. Rhys Williams, the young CEO of Dragon Data, claims that he found Crimson in a cave in northern Wales. After calming him down, Crimson said he wanted to know what happened since he first slumbered, which was in approximately 600 AD. Rhys considered it his obligation as a human being to help Crimson understand the modern world and is often surprised at what he can get his head around.

        And here's the truth behind Crimson. His true identity is that of Rhys Williams, the CEO of Dragon Data. On his 21st birthday, Rhys went on a hiking trip with his Auntie Scarlet. Auntie Scarlet led Rhys into a cave in northern Wales. In the darkest, dankest part of the cave, Scarlet revealed two things: a dragon's hoard and her true form as Y Ddraig Goch, the Red Dragon of Wales!

        Y Ddraig Goch revealed how she had a hand in Rhys' upbringing, education and his family's financial security. She finished off by offering him a very great gift indeed: The chance to become a dragon himself! Rhys took the offer and was soon encased in a magically formed egg. A month later, he hatched out from the egg as a dragon. Rhys names his dragon self Crimson in Auntie Scarlet's honour. He sees Dragon Data as his own hoard and seeks to improve on it in as ethical a manner as possible.

        Sugaar: In ancient times, Sugaar once ruled over what is now called the Basque Country. He seeks to conquer the world and wants to start with re-taking the Basque Country. Los Nuevos Invincibles have repeatedly prevented his takeover attempts. Sugaar once even tried to take over ETA, but they simply weren't going for it. Another human who isn't Basque telling them what to do was one thing, but at least they knew that they were dealing with another human being, they knew how it was. Something utterly inhuman telling them what to do, that was completely unacceptable! And Sugaar's claims of still being the rightful ruler of the Basque did not help at all. Sugaar currently has a feud with both Crimson and Tabaluga. He wants to conquer humanity while Crimson and Tabaluga both have their reasons to protect it.

        Tabaluga: It's publicly known that in 1997, Arktos and Humsin tried to cast a ritual to banish Tabaluga, but they botched it. The result: The ritual did indeed banish Tabaluga, but it exacted the price of taking Arktos and Humsin for the ride, dropping them all in Hamburg. Only Tabaluga's swift actions prevented Arktos and Humsin from hurting anyone. The Bundesguard found Tabaluga and taught him how to speak German. Afterwards, ZDF gave Tabaluga the offer of hosting a children's show for them, which he accepted. It took a few years but Tabaluga is now a celebrity known for his children's shows, beloved in Europe and in German-speaking areas in particular. Arktos and Humsin both still hold a grudge with him.


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          Re: The Betterverse

          Character Profile: John "Goldwing" Camber

          Power Level: 10

          Affiliations: Golders Green Guardians (Associate)

          Legal Status: British Citizen (Ani-Earth). Suspected in the disappearance of his teacher.

          John Camber AKA Goldwing is a griffin from Ani-Earth with magical abilities. He supports himself by assisting other magicians and by enchanting items and people. He even has a three-ring binder containing a list of the enchantments he can do for you... or to you if you want. He makes a specific point of telling a client that he can only enchant a person with their knowing and informed consent and he won't enchant someone under 18 (the age of legal majority in Britain). He can enchant an item that's meant for a child without any problems (after all, it's easier to take it off them if something goes wrong).

          He currently lives in Greenhithe in Kent and he was fortunate to get a place with a balcony.

          Observed powers include a pair of wings with a current top crusing speed of 120 MPH, magical capabilities and he is quite literally eagle-eyed, capable of clearly and accurately seeing things at least ten times further away than an unpowered human can without assistance. He also has what he calls a "Body Armour Enchantment" active.

          Spells that Goldwing has memorised to the point where he can cast them instinctively (As in, he can use them in combat) are two kinds of magical blast, "Mage Talon" (telekinesis) and a healing spell.

          Known Skillset: Excellent at magic, above-average with technology. Fluency in Japanese.

          Weapons of Choice: Goldwing has magical capabilities, including a magical blast. He has a set of natural talons on each hand and a strength-enhancing enchantment to make them even deadlier. He also has several pairs of gloves so he doesn't hurt people with his talons outside of combat.

          Personality: Goldwing is known to be conscientious, dependable, pragmatic and self-confident. In other words, pretty typical for an Ani-Earth griffin.

          When using magic, John prefers more practical spells and enchantments, at least for personal use. For example, if you wanted him to give your bling any charisma-enhancing enchantments, he'd do it for you once the terms are struck, but he wouldn't make his own.

          He hasn't had any complaints, but he insists on shaking hands on any deal. He cannot take your money or otherwise agree to perform the enchantment if you don't shake hands. He will wear gloves and if asked, will show you why he wears them.

          He follows the Magician's Code followed by most other magicians on Earth-Prime and Ani-Earth: Do not teach magic to or otherwise allow magical artefacts to fall into the hands of anyone who would use such things for selfish gain. Use magic to protect and heal others, and for the good of all. Never allow a magic-using criminal to prosper. Ensure that the knowledge of magic is passed to future generations.

          Goldwing is planning to enchant a series of rings to enhance his abilities. Two for his hands, two for his feet and one for his tail.

          His magic formulae have a distinctive appearance. They resemble computer programming code. Someone who understands technology but not magic would read the formulae, thinking that it's a really weird programming language and wonder "What kind of app is he trying to make with this?! And what platform is it meant for anyway?" (They probably wouldn't believe the truth.) Someone who understands magic and not technology (like John's old master) probably wouldn't even be able to recognise it as magic formulae to begin with.

          Vulnerability/Weakness: Goldwing has a hyper-carnivorous metabolism. His diet must consist of at least 70% meat in order for him to remain healthy. This is the main reason he charges so much for his enchantments, so he can actually afford to eat properly. He cannot cast spells while using his strength-enhancing enchantment, so he usually keeps it inactive.

          Tactics: Goldwing naturally prefers to attack his opponents from above. His skill with Mage Talon is enough to lift someone out of danger... or pull the pin off a grenade without the user knowing it!

          Enemies: Goldwing will not knowingly work alongside a warlock, and proof that someone is a warlock will render any deal between one of them and Goldwing as null and void. And if he believes that the other person is actively serving Hell... no quarter other than a quick death will be given whatsoever.
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            Re: The Betterverse

            Magical Devices:

            A lot of mages create magical items, either for their own use or to order. To create a magical item in the Betterverse, you need:
            • The formula (the instructions on how to perform the enchantment).

            • Any components needed to make the enchantment, and these are nearly always relevant to the effect in question.
            Sometimes, the component is rare, expensive or illegal to possess. But on the other hand, it is possible to recreate a formula so it instead uses components that are cheaper and easier to get hold of. For example, an enchantment that would allow Flight or Movement: Safe Fall would require a wing-feather from a flight-capable bird. A lot of urban mages who make this enchantment prefer to cast a sleep spell on the nearest pigeon, pluck a single feather and then let the bird wake up in their balcony or back garden with a reduced risk of predation while they're under.
            • The item that is to be enchanted.

            And there must always be a visual clue on the item itself that gives some idea as to what the enchantment does.

            The item can be mass-produced, but enchantments are as expensive as they are because they can only be hand-made. The item can also qualify as a component in certain cases, like making a brass ring with a crosshair engraved on it from spent bullet casings that have been smelted and reforged into a ring that gives several ranks in the Ranged Attack advantage.

            It's usually easier to cast the enchantment if the enchanter places a restriction on its use. The greater the restriction, the easier it is to cast. A popular restriction is to place a Quirk on a Skill-enhancing item so it only works if you already have a few ranks in the skill. This way, it only works for someone who actually knows and understands what he's doing. Another popular Quirk is to make certain athletic enchantments not work if the user is currently in a relevant competition in order to reduce cheating. And in the modern era, mages who get involved with superheroes often Quirk their devices so they only have non-lethal effects to calm the capes down.

            It's known that magic item users have a possibility of internalising the power gained from the item, allowing them to use the power without the item. Successful internalisation removes the enchantment from the physical item, but the item can be enchanted again, even with a different enchantment than before if so desired.

            If the GM approves, then to successfully internalise a power gained through a magical item, the character must at least pay enough PP to make up for the difference between the device cost and the power cost. Example: Ms. Magus wears Magic-Sensing Glasses that give her 3 PP worth of Senses for 2 PP. She must pay the 1 PP that was discounted by making it a Device in order to internalise the enchantment and thus be able to sense magic without needing the Glasses any more.
            Those who make magical devices to order usually deal with other mages and with superhumans, as they're the ones most likely to want to buy what an enchanter's selling and be in a position to actually need that extra edge.

            Example Magical Devices:

            Arcane Calculator: This calculator was originally designed by a technomancer who found that while automation is still practically impossible for creating magical items, there were several ways to either speed up or improve the reliability of the enchanting process. It looks like a scientific calculator with various function keys removed and replaced with various arcane symbols.
            Arcane Calculators are Easily Removable Devices that give Enhanced Skill: Expertise: Magic, Limited (Only when using Artificer or Ritualist advantages). And they're usually Quirked so you need at least five skill ranks of Expertise: Magic to get them to work properly. "Deluxe" versions have been known to include Quickness (Limited to Mental) to accelerate the ability to reliably design low-powered magical devices.
            Eagle-Eye Goggles: These goggles were originally enchanted by Goldwing so when he took someone on a flight, they could see the world as he does! The goggles used for the flight are a replica of those used by pilots during the Battle of Britain. When asked why he used those goggles to house the enchantment, Goldwing said "We had the Battle of Britain back home as well. If I'm going to enchant something, I want it to be able to work in strenuous conditions. And you can't get more strenuous than combat, can you?" This item -and any workalike- is highly sought after by commandos, fliers, scouts, anyone who wants to be able to see what's up ahead so they can plan accordingly.
            The goggles grant a rank of Extended Vision and Low-light Vision. Certain models even have ranks of Enhanced Perception.
            Ring of Feather Fall: Modern mages favour this ring as it helps them learn how to enchant and it gives them an extra escape route if they're caught in a dangerous situation above the ground floor.
            This is just Removable Movement: Safe Fall.
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              The Looking Glass Cyber-café:

              This 24/7 cyber-café, located just across the street from the Time in a Bottle in London has the usual internet access and printing services available, and it's known to host affordable lessons in computer literacy, internet usage and online security. The till section has a huge selection of gift cards for various online services as well as Paypoint services (Including Collect+) and a cryptocurrency ATM. It's also known for its discretion. The computers each come with several popular VPNs, Tor, I2P and premium anti-virus software pre-installed so you can access geo-locked and dark web sites, just supply your own usernames and passwords.

              Of course, the main reason a lot of London powers go to the Glass is to use the gift cards and Paypoint services to legally buy what they want online without giving away something really important: Their real names and addresses. And it really is the only way for some powers to buy anything online at all! It does help that the Glass has an Amazon Locker available.