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  • The Unnamed Superhero Universe

    This a repository for the details of a game I'm running over at entitled Justicars. It's fairly standard superhero setting, filtered through me and added to by the players.

    * Heroes
    --Justicars (Septagram, Duke Chronos, Amarantine, Micronomous, Princess Fiona)
    --The Science Five (Alison "Alligator" Tsukuda, Demyan "Demo" Wolanski, Hjordis Armannsson, Adamas Ozolins, Avra Raskoph)
    * Villains
    --Nazis (Biestfurher, Lorelei, Grendel)
    * Beings from Other Realms (i.e. Aliens, Subterraneans, Extra-dimensionals)
    --Horned Ones
    * Cosmic Entities
    --The Patrons (Spfumato, Chiarascuro)
    * Eras
    --Wild Earth
    * Superhuman Types
    --Super-soldier Serum Recipient
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    Re: The Unnamed Superhero Universe


    Catch-Phrase: For Great Justice!

    Septagram, The Multitude's Mightest Magus

    Duke Chronos, Temporal Guardian of Earth

    Amarantine, Gentle Paragon of Strength

    Micronomous the 134th, Amazing Growing Prince of the Tiny Planet

    Fiona, Princess of the Mole People Linked to the Living Earth

    (There was once a sixth member: Manipulator, Cunning Alien Mastermind from an Alternate Future Timeline. However due to the time-traveling actions of Nazis he stopped existing in the current timeline.)

    The Science Five

    Alison "Alligator" Tsukuda: Adventuring biologist, mutated by ancient archosaur DNA, leader of the team.
    Demyan "Demo" Wolanski: Engineer/Physicist specializing in sound and explosions, sound/pressure wave controller mutation inherited from father's exposure to biochemicals, Alison's husband.
    Hjordis Armannsson: Mechanical/electrical engineer, wears a suit of powered armor modeled on an anime version of valkyries, Alison's best friend, stoic and untalkative.
    Adamas Ozolins: Biochemist, once worked for the Soviets on top-secret programs, Demyan's formerly-estranged father.
    Avra Raskoph: A fire-fey mystic (see Superhuman Types), adopted daughter of Alison and Demyan.
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      Re: The Unnamed Superhero Universe



      Biestfurher: Old man of Saxon German extraction, probably old enough to have fought in WWI by the time WWII rolled around (and has pointy helmet to prove it). Mysterious: the allies knew of him during the war but very little else. It's still unclear exactly how he was connected to the German super-soldier program other than he understood genetics ahead of all other scientists at the time. Used Die Glocke to escape at the end of the war, taking Lorelei and Grendel with him. Wound up in the Wild Era, where he took over a tribe of beastmen while waiting for repairs to be completed on Die Glocke. Captured by the time-displaced Justicars. Has a power known as the "Wild Force", though how he gained it and exactly what it is are unknown other than that it allows him to remotely manipulate genetics.
      Lorelei: Only survivor of the Nazi super-soldier serum that wasn't horribly mutated. Aquatic hydrokinetic, not much to write home about in the 21st century, except if she concentrates she can try to dehydrate your body. Fought in the super-battle part of the Battle of the Bulge, where most of the rest of the super-soldiers were killed. Escaped with Biestfurher and was captured by the Justicars in the Wild Era.
      Grendel: One of the super-soldiers who survived the serum but was horribly mutated. The serum reduced him to what can only be called a savage beast, a monster that lives to kill. In WWII he was a lumpy, twisted giant, but by the time the Justicars discovered the Nazis in the Wild Era he had been mutated by Biestfurher's Wild Force into something more animalistic.
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        Re: The Unnamed Superhero Universe

        Beings from Other Realms


        Nuru: Space empire of human offshoots who think they're descended from an ancient advanced empire from Earth's prehistory, i.e. "Atlantis". Massive racists against non-humans. Even gave a "ancient advanced humans' burden" justification for trying to invade Earth. Ruled by philosopher kings. Their best soldiers are the result of breeding programs to produce superhumans.


        Horned Ones: Live in D'yavol'skiy Polyy, ruled by king Wels.
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          Re: The Unnamed Superhero Universe

          Superhuman Types

          Mystics: Kind of like this setting's version of Marvel mutants in that they're humans who are a minority because of their powers/biology. In this specific case they gain powers related to magical creatures or magic human types like witches, but except for the latter almost always gain an appearance to match. Also some of them come from families that have had these powers for a long time, believing themselves descended from the actual magical beings (no one really knows), but they hid themselves behind inheritable illusions (meaning you were born with them on) until recently. Others have erupted seemingly spontaneously from non-mystic lines. Those that hid revealed themselves because their population was getting too big to keep covering up, but not before they got several governments to pass anti-hate legislation in secret. That last thing didn't sit well with conspiracy nuts, anti-magic religious nuts think they're demons, but there hasn't been a Marvel-esque hysteria (the kind with giant hunter robots) from most of the rest of humanity (not that there isn't prejudice).

          Super-soldier Serum Recipients: It's the usual Captain America-ish story: Germans come up with serum, scientists defects and gives serum to the Allies, defector dies before he can reveal the secret of the formula. Only this time the serum isn't used much because it has a high chance of horrific mutation -- which most often results in death -- with a very low chance of super-powers (most often with horrific mutation), and the defector isn't the creator of the serum but rather of a "stabilizing agent" which is supposed to eliminate the chance of horrific mutation and increase chance of powers (his secret is not the formula for this but something else, which shall remain secret for now). The stabilizing agent seemed to work on the first subject, but on the majority of later subjects it's shown only to suppress the mutation (and even then most often only the "horrific" part). Despite the astronomically low rate of gaining anything useful the US has dusted off the serum every decade or so to try some new variant.


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            Re: The Unnamed Superhero Universe

            Cosmic Beings

            The Patrons

            Spfumato: The Patron of Black-and-White, Spfumato is somewhat no-nonsense and rarely jokes around. While some Patrons like to be mysterious or otherwise act like the smart-asses out of myth and pop-culture Spfumato tends to get right to the point and does common-sense things like asking before he transports heroes to who-knows-where. His one distraction is good quality food: he's a foodie and restaurant buff. He used to show up as a foo lion out of a 50s movie but these days is a black pug with his tongue sticking out and bulging walleyes. He sounds like Frank from Men in Black.