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  • The Romverse 2.0

    Well, might as well take the opportunity of a new forum to restart my Romverse setting, in time for my upcoming Teen Hero campaign with my friends. So, for those unfamiliar with it, the Romverse is my experiment at creating a Furry Superheroes setting using elements from Freedom City, Champions, GURPS International Super-Teams, Heroes Unlimited, and more sources. Kinda like Ani-Earth, but less cartoonish.

    This first post will be the placeholder and index.
    -Romverse 101, aka The Basics.
    -Claremont Academy Introduction
    -Ultima Thule and Utopia
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    Re: The Romverse 2.0

    The Romverse 101
    (Or, everything your characters should already know about the setting unless they dropped in from another universe or were raised in a cave.)

    Basic Concepts

    -The world is populated by anthropomorphic animals known as "Anthros", in sharp contrast to normal animals, just called animals or beasts.

    -Anthros are divided into four major groups: the dominant Mammals, the Avians, the Reptiles, and finally the Aquatics (sea-mammals like Dolphins and Orcas). Elements of racial issues on our world are mainly matters between species.

    -Anthros are in fact descended from Proto-Humans, genetically altered in Prehistory. This was a side-effect of the modifications intended to give higher intelligence and a few basic powers.

    -Another side-effect was that the Meta-Gene added to Proto-Humanity was rendered dormant, only to activate under certain circumstances in certain individuals. We call them Paranormals, or Supers. These mostly became active after the Life-Pod containing the baby Centurion arrived on Earth near Freedom City in 1918.

    -Paranormals are individuals with an active Meta-Gene, granting them paranormal abilities that bend or even break scientific laws as we know them.

    -Paranormal animals exist, and are known as Cryptids. These are far rarer.

    -Active Paranormals are divided into three broad categories: Superheroes, Supervillains, and Meta-Civilians. The latter being paranormals who choose to neither become heroes nor villains, but instead decide to use their powers constructively on the job market.

    -In addition to Paranormals, there are also Mystically-empowered supers of various power levels, normals who have trained themselves to the peak of Anthro ability, and normals who have enhanced their bodies with technology.

    -Despite the documented existence of magic, most people are still skeptical about the supernatural, assuming there are rational, scientific explanations instead, like Paranormal powers.

    -Technology is similar to our own world, but better: cars run cleaner, computers run faster, cellphones have ridiculous coverage. New innovations are pushing the tech further into cyberpunk-levels, and alien technology is slowly being introduced. But many "Superscience" devices like shrink rays or teleporters are in fact "ACME devices" that only function for the Super-Genius who created them.

    -Virtually any kind of superhero or supervillain origin can, and likely WILL be found in the Romverse.

    -Although everyone has heard about Paranormals and probably seen them (on TV, if nothing else), most people still live fairly ordinary lives, despite the occasional alien invasion or other threat.


    -Prior to 1918, Paranormals were extremely rare, but magic was far more commonly used, until the Enlightment, where the most powerful Magic-using secret societies decided to hoard their power, leading to the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Science.

    -The Golden Age [1920s-1950s]: The early Mystery Men slowly gave way to the first Superheroes after the first appearance of Centurion. The Nazi Germany rises to power, and begins a program of super-soldier experimentation. The US Government retaliates with the first of what would be many super-soldier programs, Project Icarus. Many existing supers are also drafted, forming teams like the Liberty League, the Allies of Freedom, the Homefront and the Sentinels. For Superhumans, WW2 mostly ends with the Battle of London, the last charge of the Ubermenchen.

    -The Silver Age [Late 1950s-1970s]: The Cold War divides the world between the First World (US and NATO), the Second World (Eastern Bloc and other socialist countries) and the Third World (neutral and non-aligned countries). It is further complicated by the Martian Invasion of 1955, triggering the 3-year War of the Worlds until the Lor Republic intervenes to stop the Martian offensive. The Freedom League is born when Hades attacks Freedom City and is stopped by a team of heroes led by Centurion and Daedalus. AEGIS and UNISON are formed. Numbers of Supers begin increasing following the Baby Boom.

    -The Bronze Age [1970s-1980s]: Vietnam war leads to increased anti-war sentiment, especially within the drafted Paranormal community. Racial tensions with Avian and Reptile equal rights movements increase, as well as the new Paranormal rights movement. The UN, in 1982, declares a Treaty banning the use of Super-soldier armies and Strategic Nuclear weapons, and reveals the first of the International Super-Teams, a large team of elite Supers intended to enforce the Treaty.

    -The Iron Age [1980s-Late 1990s] The Freedom League disband after the death of two members. The Moore Act is passed in Freedom City, outlawing costumed heroes. Similar laws are passed in other major cities in the US. This Age ends when the Psychotic Seven assemble an army of ruthless vigilantes on an assault on Washington D.C., seeing it as a hotbed of corruption, only to be stopped by an alliance of ethical superheroes led by Athena and Divinos.

    -The Renaissance [Late 1990s-2000s]: The Terminus Invasion brings about the biggest alliance of heroes since WW2 to repel the invaders. Many heroes are seriously injured, killed or lust during the battle, including Centurion himself, who sacrifices himself to win the battle. This tragedy, following closely after the battle of Washington, leads to the Freedom League to rebuild itself, eventually deciding to expand its numbers globally to help an increasingly stretched I.S.T.

    -The Modern Era: [2000s-Now]: Dr. Destroyer, after taking control of SHADOW, attempts to conquer US from secret base in Detroit. In response against a counter-offensive by multiple I.S.T.s and other super-teams, Destroyer triggers a device that seemingly kills him, several superheroes and tens of thousands of people, razing the city. Over the following decade, America, multiple corporations and charities, unite with the paranormal community to rebuild Detroit as Millenium City, the City of the Future. The US also initiates its War on Terror, to hunt down the ramnants of SHADOW, as well as to begin fighting against groups such as Overthrow and new terror group Al-Khayal.

    Current Affairs

    -A benevolent United Nations charters the International Super Teams to battle evil and keep the peace, while on a worldwide basis Paranormals have had a massive impact on culture, economics and politics.

    -The Freedom League has recently become an international organization, sponsoring the creation of spin-off teams in other countries.

    -The Gene Nation promotes the idea of Paranormal dominance over Normals, preferably those born Paranormals, though anyone who isn't a mystic or tech-user is allowed. Its rival organization, the Tomorrow Society, instead promotes tolerance and equality with Normals, both in protecting Normals from rogue Paranormals, as well as preventing oppression of Paranormals worldwide.

    -One such group of Paranormal oppression are the Harbinger Knights, a group that believes that Paranormals are the tools of alien invaders seeking to dominate the Earth, and seek to not only wipe out all known Paranormals, but purge the Meta-Gene from Anthro genetics. One of their allies/front organizations is the Seven Thunders, a radical sect of christians that believe all Paranormals are spawns of the Devil.

    -The Pantheon are a group of Paranormals who go further then even the Gene Nation, believing themselves deities who deserve worship by "mortals". Some actually ARE deities, being rogue Cosmic Eternals exploiting a loophole in the Ban.

    -Organized Crime across the world is slowly being absorbed by an organization called "The Syndicate", a mythical "secret criminal empire" that most believe to be an urban legend.

    -AEGIS has handled part of the War on Terror, targeting super-criminal organizations such as SHADOW and PHANTOM, and the homegrown Terrorist group The New Sons of Liberty, while UNISON has focused on other organizations like Overthrow and Al-Khayal.

    -In the US, Paranormals are not required to register with the government, although anyone attempting to become a superheroic crime-fighter is strongly urged to sign up at the Division of Paranormal Information, to recieve special security clearance and law-enforcement powers as part of a legal, approved super-team.
    -Rumor has it that people within the US Government are pushing to make PDI registration mandatory for all Paranormals, via the Paranormal Registration Act.

    -Unitrol, an organization of Crypto-Terrorist Intercessionists intending to unify Earth under one rule, now has influence in a dozen countries.

    -Xtreme! Action Combat Championships has just started it's 7th season, and current Championship Crown holder (and Champions teammember) Ironclad looks forward to defending his title against all challengers.


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      Re: The Romverse 2.0

      And now, to kick things off, here's my introductory guide to where my Campaign is being held: Claremont Academy. This is a first draft, and will be updated as I go.

      Claremont Academy Field Guide [v 1.1]

      Welcome to Freedom City's Claremont Academy, nestled in the hills of Bayview Heights where it has an unchallenged view of Bayview, Port Regal, and the surrounding areas. While outwardly a picturesque complex built in a 19th Century Victorian style, underneath the surface (quite literally in some places), the Academy is a state-of-the-art training facility for the next generation of Earth's Heroes.

      Notable Staff:
      Headmaster Duncan Summers: formerly the vigilante hero known as the second Blackwing, he retired after the death of his wife and a crippling injury, to focus on raising his daughter Callie. Following the Terminus invasion, he set upon to create a school to train new, upcoming heroes and teach them proper heroic values. Reasonable authority figure, but also a strict disciplinarian, who still knows how to intimidate students into following the rules.

      Vice-Principal Martha Dugan (female squirrel) mother of young student Cassie Dugan (female squirrel, aka “Rocket Squirrel”). Not as intimidating as Summers, she's generally regarded as a friendly, maternal figure. Although she's very good at giving disapproving glares.

      Head Councillor Gabriel Marquez, (male raccoon), who was crippled during the Terminus Invasion, but the incident awoke his dormant meta-powers of power nullification. Always available to give students advice, and his powers make the handicapped raccoon ironically suited for keeping the school's bullies in check.

      Jesse Perry, male Owl, formerly the vigilante hero Ghostowl. Main English teacher at Claremont, specializing in teaching Creative Writing. A friendly, approachable teacher.

      Coach Patricia Kohlz, female armadillo. Former Marine, former AEGIS, former Arsenal of Democracy superhero Armordillo, former XACC competitor. Patricia has spent her whole life looking for new challenges, and right now, her challenge is pushing these young punks to improve themselves physically,

      Professor Ambrose Masters, male Rabbit. Former supervillain scientist, now mostly reformed. No longer out to conquer the world, but still very irresponsible and prone to shady dealings. Mostly at Claremont to keep an eye on him. He is also Tanya's grandfather. Apparently the Uber-Genius potential skips a generation. Or might be the result of experiments he did on Tanya when she was a baby, he refuses to clarify the point. (very much based on Rick from Rick and Morty)

      Lilia Carbin, female Zebra Art Teacher. A bit of a liberal ditz. Convinced believer in “modern” art.

      Darian Skyler, male Emu, Calculus/Math Teacher. Stern, and quite prone to mathematical expospeak. Deceptively competant, capable of Awesomeness by Analysis.

      Darryl Hames, male raccoon, Computer Science teacher. Also a member of the Legion. Alternates with his co-teacher, Ms. Winnifred, who is a Sapient AI who uses a female penguin as a virtual avatar.

      Jacob Danford, male Squirrel, History Teacher and Guardian of Time member. Likes to take students on class trips to historical periods. No, he doesn't use a Big Blue Box, or a Phonebooth, or a DeLorean. And he's really tired of people asking about those.

      Rosetta Brandon, Shop teacher. Female beaver with a cybernetic arm, and a lot of small robot helpers. Very enthusiastic about technology.

      Dr Romulus Lonewolf, teacher of Theology, Philosophy and applied Occultism. Male wolf. A bit of a mid-range Arcanist, affiliated with the Covenant and the White Lotus Society.

      Notable Students:
      Skye Eldrich (f fox), aka Seraph – Light Control, believed by Langston Albright to be the next candidate to become the Light-Bearer.
      Tanya Masters (f rabbit), aka Polymorph – Young genius who created a “Morph Suit”, a suit of bio-plastic non-newtonian fluid she's capable of controlling with a portable electronic system.
      Aka (f snake), aka “Lady Mercy” - an orphaned girl raised by a faction of the Murder League known as “The Orphans”, she fled the group to find a new life before becoming a killer, and ended up finding one in Claremont Academy.
      Jasmina Michaela (f frog), aka Auriela – a young luchadore from Mexico, empowered by a holy mask that grants her superhuman strength and endurance, and makes her physical attacks especially harmful to demons and undead.

      Derek Lykos, male wolf, aka Wolfpack - Fellow student, hangs with the PCs a lot. Duplication.

      Ray Gardner Jr (m, cat), aka Bolt
      Christopher Beck (m, lizard), aka Megastar
      Thetis (f Dolphin), aka Nereid
      Serena Vervain (f, cat), aka Seven
      Lemar Phillips (m songbird), aka Sonic

      Navigatrix (f robot)
      Changeling, f Grue, tends to resemble a Rabbit most times. Naive about Earth and humanity, but eager to learn more.
      Samuel Capote, aka Dauntless. male Rhinoceros with super-density.
      Samantha Capote, aka Relentless, female Mongoose with super-speed. Samuel's fraternal twin sister.
      Elite, original name unknown. Male Sparrow. Runaway from the Murder League.
      Magni Thorson, male Bear. Demi-God, son of alternate Universe's Thor.
      Anthony Andrews, aka Whoop-Ant. Male Ant, super-shrinker.

      The Alpha Clique
      Daisy Gibbons (f mink), aka Student Body. Power: Super-charisma and emotion manipulation powers. Personality: typical Alpha B*tch.
      Betsy Barcal (f komodo dragon), aka Jawbreaker. Power: nigh-invulnerability and super-strength. Personality: Daisy's loyal enforcer.
      Leiko “Leah” Mingel, (f red panda) aka Pixie. Power: skilled martial-artists. Personality: stoic and demure, except when exposed to something particularly "Kawaii". Jaded with violence. Not very brainy.
      Shayla Bingham, (f mouse) aka Wallflower. Power: High IQ, Genius gadgeteer. Personality: a bit shy and insecure, but diehard loyal to Daisy and the Clique.

      The Bullies
      Clay Beaudrie, male Lion, aka Battleroar. Power: Supersonic screams. Personality: arrogant about Rich Family connections and powers. Big Trash Talker.
      William Polsysky, male Pig, aka Sloth. Power: Brick. Personality: Crude, Rude, Brutal. Not a big thinker.
      Tyrone Dolk, male Weasel, aka Iceweasel. Power: Ice Manipulator. Personality: cowardly Yes-Man to Clay and William.
      Maxine Hedgepack, female panther, aka Klawz. Power: Regeneration, Super-senses and sharp claws. Personality: loves fighting. Tomboy
      Terrance Brown, male rat, aka Bling. Power: a variant on the Midas Touch. Personality: Quiet follower of Clay, smarter then he looks.
      Eric McGuit, male skunk, aka Tag Power: Can bring painted creations to life. Personality: Troublemaker and Vandal.

      Other Students:
      M'daku. male white lion, Crown-Prince of Dakana.
      Victoria Atom, female rabbit, of the Atom Family. Has polymorphic abilities.
      Chase Atom, male mouse, of the Atom Family. Has telepathic powers.
      Aeron Gwynn, male stag, aka Druid. Power: Elemental Magics
      Lawrence Smalls, male Pug, aka Gravity Master. Power: High IQ, Gadgeteer.
      Eve, aka Angst. Female hyena. Power: Aura of Fear. A Girl without a past, but with a
      Idalyz Melendez, aka Bank Shot. Female Bat, non-flyer. A blind girl with uncanny acrobatics and throwing skill, thanks to her hyper-developped Sonar sense.
      Shinnosuke Koyama, male Cat, aka L33T. Master hacker and techno-ninja.
      Samot, male Mouse, aka Crater. Born in Farside City, winner of a scholarship to Claremont to become his home's first superhero.
      Quentin Oliver Rodriquez, aka HD. Male Ferret with Illusion powers and a lot of imagination.
      Crystal Gaithers, female sheep/wolf, aka Ripper. Strong split personality, nice as Crystal, vicious as Ripper. Don't piss her off.
      Quo-Dis, female tigress, aka Ultiteen. Empyrean foreign exchange student from Ultima Thule, she is still growing into her powers and trying to adapt to life in “the outside world”.
      Hope Rogers, female Collie, aka Agent H. Born on Nazi-ruled alternate earth Erde, has the power to shut down machines.
      Francoise Gravois, aka Caryatid. Female badger. From Anti-Earth, has earth-manipulating powers, and is happy to be in a world where villains don't rule.
      Xymert, aka Emissary. Male dog. From the hidden city of Utopia, oldest son of the Golden Age hero Envoy. Ran away from Utopia to honor his father and become a hero. Increasingly homesick.
      Falcus, aka Raptor. Male Falcon, from the Avian city of Thaar. A bit arrogant.
      Marius Agrippa, aka Gladiator. Male Lion. First true teenage superhero of Terra Roma, former gladiator games competitor. Very Arrogant and major attention whore.
      Edet Cherono, aka the Star of Africa. Male Zebra. His body is embedded with Daka crystal shards, which seem to grant him various powers, including enhanced physical abilities, a healing factor, and energy and light control.
      Susanna Challenger, aka Zarana. Female Tigress from the Lost World, daughter of it's defender Zandar. Doesn't wear more then a leather bikini if she can help it, and has a pet microraptor.

      New Rules and Regulations for Claremont Academy:
      -Authorized Student Battles: In order to help students maintain a high standard of combat readiness and varied situations, as well as to help relieve social pressure by allowing students to "hash out" their differences in a controlled environment. Battles can range from 1v1 to 10 vs 10, and once a challenge is called out, internal security systems enclose the participants in an "Arena Zone" of force fields until one side is incapacitated or surrenders.
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        Re: The Romverse 2.0

        Okay, got hit by inspiration, and decided to do one of the first major changes that will make the Romverse really different from other settings. Namely, changes to Ultima Thule and Freedom City.

        -Ultima Thule: In the Romverse, the Ultimans are replaced by Pokemorphs, now called “Ultimons.” Rather then a race of Cosmic Energy-manipulating Immortals, the Ultimons are a widely varied race of natural Paranormals divided along physical and power traits into 18 “Clans” (based on the Pokemon types). The Ultimons are ruled by a High Council of their oldest, wisest and most powerful members, the Legendaries who also rule the 18 Ultiman Clans.

        The Eighteen Clans of the Ultimans are: Artus (Normal); Mavor (Fighting); Volitans (Flying); Fel (Poison); Tellus (Ground); Silex (Rock); Volucris (Bug); Phasma (Ghost); Chalybs (Steel); Ignis (Fire); Hydros (Water); Herba (Grass); Fulmen (Electric); Animus (Psychic); Gelum (Ice); Draconis (Dragon); Umbra (Dark); Candidus (Fairy)

        -Utopia: Still built by survivors of Atlantis, only all of them were of Equine origins. They rebuilt a new, isolated and self-contained civilization in an Carribean island isolated by a dimensional rift. Over the centuries, they have divided into a number of subraces, all of which live equally on the Island, under the authority of the Alicorn Ruling Caste. Unlike the Freedomverse Utopians, the Utopian Equines have not abandoned the research of magic, though they have forsworn contact with Otherworldly entities almost entirely.

        The Equines of Utopia are divided into the following races: Terrans, Pegasi (with their Leatherwing kinfolk), and Unicorns. The Alicorns are Equines who have ascended to a higher level of power, gaining the magical traits of all three races.

        ...That's right. The Romverse has Pokemon-people and Magical Pastel Ponies. Deal with it.


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          Re: The Romverse 2.0

          Originally posted by LoneWolf23 View Post
          ...That's right. The Romverse has Pokemon-people and Magical Pastel Ponies. Deal with it.
          The only thing that could make them better is if they weren't anthros.

          That's not a criticism of furries. That's me saying I find the humanoid shape a little boring.


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            Re: The Romverse 2.0 - Prehistory First Draft

            Sorry for the lack of Updates, guys. I've had a lot on my plate IRL, and I've been trying to organize my notes a bit more. Kind of a problem when one's going with a stream-of-consciousness approach to world design. Especially when adapting humanoid characters to a furry setting, which often leads me wondering what species would best fit this or that character. In other news, recently dug up a copy of Silver Age Sentinels, and got Champions Beyond on sale, so I've been working on Romverse adaptation notes of those characters and concepts.

            I'm considering merging the Star*Guard and Star-Knights, especially since I found out the Star*Guard has a division of armor-wielding warriors called Starknights. Which means I can just take Freedomverse's Starknights, replace their energy blades and shields with Star-Staves and just call it a day, and merely replace the Odrugen with HED's Grigori, which I like more. I also like HED's Void Knights, so I'll turn Blackstar into a Void Knight as well.

            I've also been putting together the various primordial age elements of various settings, like the Precursors, the Progenitors, the Acathi, etc, to combine the concepts together a bit. At first glance, my unified primordial timeline looks a bit like this:
            -Big Bang

            -From the Fires and Lights of Creation, the first Generation of Cosmic Eternals arises, as do the first generation of Angels.

            -Life begins evolving on various worlds.

            -The Acathi rise as the first interstellar civilization, via their mastery of psionics and energy, and their creation of a vast portal network.

            -The Elder Worms are the second major interstellar civilization, mastering psionics and magic, and quickly come into conflict with the Acathi, though neither race commits to total war. Tensions rise when the Elder Worms begin contacting Qlippothic entities.

            -On Earth, the Serpent-Folk civilization arises, and comes into conflict with Elder Worm invasions. This conflict draws the attention of the Acathi, who grant subtle aid to the Serpent-Folk.

            -The Acathi uplift other civilizations, serving as patrons to the Grigori, the Protoss, the Malvan and the Saeduun. They experiment with proto-humanity, but their genetic tampering (at least in this universe) leaves their DNA unstable, and the proto-humans begin to mutate into hybrids of human and various animals. The Acathi begin experiments to try and rectify their tampering, moving groups of them to other locations for isolation. The Acathi are unable to fully reverse the mutations, but stabilize the genetic drift among various groups, forming not only the multiple Anthro races of Earth, but also multiple species on other worlds, such as the Lor and the Thundarians.

            -The Serpent-Folk begin enslaving the Anthro races and tampering with Qlippothic lore captured from Elder Worm survivors still on Earth. To combat this, the Acathi trigger the dormant Metagenetic potential in many Anthros, forming the first "Ultimons" to rebel against the Serpent-Folk, giving the Anthro races a chance to rise and grow.

            -The Elder Worms contact the Qlippoth in full, and their agents sabotage the Acathi Gateway Network, allowing the Qlippoth (known to the Acathi as the Rha'Zhaketh) a chance to invade our universe in force.

            -The Acathi assemble their client races into a mighty army and begin fighting back against the Rha'Zhaketh and their Elder Worm allies. This war spanned thousands of years, and had both sides create powerful, destructive super-weapons and super-soldiers, many of which still endure to this day.

            -One group of Grigori turn away from their masters, lured by promise of power from the Rha'Zhaketh. These become the Djinn. The Djinn begin an experiment in creating a new race of destructive warriors for their Qlippoth masters using Essence from the Cosmic Eternals and the Angels, combined with the Essence of the Rha'Zhaketh, forming the first Daemons.

            -The Cosmic Eternals and Angels focus on fighting the new Daemon menace, and eventually manage to banish them to the dimension known as the Abyss, as are the Djinn. The Djinn's leaders are condemned to a worst fate, however: being bound to material objects to serve as slaves to mortal masters.

            -The Acathi finally destroy the Gate Network to stop the Rha'Zheketh invasion, but become themselves the victims of a memetic virus that drove the infected to self-destructive madness and suicide. Only those few Acathi who had "evolved" into beings of pure psionic force were immune to the virus, and they were unable to cure their fellows. All they could do was "euthanize" what was left of their species before they would annihilate their client races in their orgy of self-genocide. So did the Acathi pass into legend, becoming the mythical Precursors, leaving behind their uplifted client races, their sentient technology, and the "Ascended" ones who chose to become dispassionate observers due to the guilt of their actions.

            -The surviving client races, the Grigori, the Saeduun, the Protoss and the Malvans, begin to divide up the Galaxy into their own territories. The Grigori end up creating the Star*Guard, and their elite members, the Starknights. The Malvans soon come into war with the Elder Worms again, deciding to finish what their Patrons started. While they do destroy the Elder Worm empire, this marks the start of Malvan decline into decadence.

            -On Earth, Serpent-Folk civilization collapses into decadence, and is soon overtaken by the Anthros' first major civilization, Atlantis, which arises thanks to recovered Acathi technology, arcane secrets stolen from the Serpents, and aid from benevolent Cosmic Eternals and Angels. The last bastion of Serpent-Folk civilization, Lemuria, is destroyed and sinks below the waves due to a malfunction of their latest super-weapon. Only those Serpent-folk who had experimented with aquatic mutations and those away from Lemuria survive. The former rebuild under the ocean, while the latter either interbreed with Anthros or flee into the Subterran realms.

            -Atlantis soon falls prey to decadence due to the influence of the Djinn, with many resorting to demonology to maintain Atlantis' power over the world. This causes the Angels and Eternals to descend to Earth and tear down Atlantean civilization, sinking the continent to the depths. Survivors scatter across the globe, forming the basis of new civilizations worldwide. One group of Angels, the Watchers, remain to watch and protect the mortal races. One group of survivors, made of dolphin and orca Anthros, settle in the underwater ruins, forming the new Atlanteans.

            -The Watchers fall in love with Mortals, spawning the Nephilim race, which quickly becomes corrupt. Some Watchers, unable to accept the death of their beloved mortals, perform unholy rites to resurrect them, creating the first vampires. These begin to work in concert with Djinn, demon worshippers and the Nephilim, triggering another Daemon invasion on Earth. This war lasts for centuries, with the surviving mortals turning to sorcery and atavistic shapeshifting to give them a chance, and even creating more undead mummies and zombis to fight back. Finally, in retaliation, another flight of Angels descends to stop the invasion, and wipe out the Nephilim in retaliation. Their own mortal-hybrid offspring, the Tenchi, survive in small groups, as do daemon-mortal offspring called Oni. The ancient mortal civilizations collapsed, to be replaced by the early Civilizations we know today.


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              Re: The Romverse 2.0

              Love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon-element of the world.

              Keep up the good work.
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                Re: The Romverse 2.0

                Hey folks, just a quick update to let you all know I've started work on this concept again. Although I've been slow due to indecision on a few points, such as what species to "animalize" various characters. I've also been considering which universes to integrate into my Romverse and not. That, and I'm just heavily prone to procrastinating and distraction in general.

                For example, one big concern I've had is how to handle SHADOW, and whether or not to integrate VIPER into the Romverse. ...And if I do, do I make it an all-snakes/reptiles group, or just make the snake theme more symbolic then anything, and have the organization be more inclusive? Or maybe different factions, one that's inclusive, one that's reptile-supremacist, and one that wants to turn all Anthros into snakes?

                Also, I want to add the likes of Kim Possible, Danny Phantom and Steven Universe.. ...What species do I make them? I figure Steven works great with a cat theme, but the others I'm less sure about.


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                  Re: The Romverse 2.0

                  Awesome! I shall be following this with great interest.
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                    Re: The Romverse 2.0

                    And so shall I.


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                      Re: The Romverse 2.0

                      Originally posted by LoneWolf23 View Post
                      For example, one big concern I've had is how to handle SHADOW, and whether or not to integrate VIPER into the Romverse. ...And if I do, do I make it an all-snakes/reptiles group, or just make the snake theme more symbolic then anything, and have the organization be more inclusive? Or maybe different factions, one that's inclusive, one that's reptile-supremacist, and one that wants to turn all Anthros into snakes?
                      Say they started out as snake or reptile-only, but now they're inclusive and are ashamed of their past racism. The same way Marvel Cinematic has Hydra get embarrassed by people still thinking they're Nazis.


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                        Re: The Romverse 2.0

                        Originally posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
                        Say they started out as snake or reptile-only, but now they're inclusive and are ashamed of their past racism. The same way Marvel Cinematic has Hydra get embarrassed by people still thinking they're Nazis.
                        Something like that might work. ...With further interesting complications that one of my players' character is a snake girl who has had to deal with some Anti-Snake prejudice in the past, and has recently joined a community support group for Snake and Reptile rights awareness. Basically, Reptile and Avian rights are the Romverse' equivalent to the Civil Rights movement, with such great historical figures as "Mallard X" and "Martin Luther King-Snake" having protested for Mammals to provide equal rights to Avians and Reptiles.

                        But on the flip side, I did want to add at least one Snake/Reptile Supremacist group, as well as one Avian Supremacist group, along with, naturally, a Mammal Supremacist group, all of which hate each other as much as "Equalists".


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                          Re: The Romverse 2.0

                          Okay, since my current Romverse campaign is a "Hero High" game set in Claremont Academy, I decided I needed to flesh out a list of other, rival superhero schools from around the world. So, here's the list in no particular order:

                          #1-Claremont Academy (Freedom City, Maryland, USA): Private school for supers, founded by Duncan Summers (formerly Blackwing II), to find new Supers (and would-be Supers) and train them to be responsible superheroes.

                          #2- Tomorrow Academy (Freehold, Massachussets, USA – located in Mass Castle): Current incarnation of the Tomorrow Society, a group dedicated to protecting Paranormals from Mundane oppression, and vice-versa.

                          #3- Patriots Academy (New Hope, Utah, USA): School established by the Patriots to find and train a new generation of Supers. Criticized for having direct ties to the Patriots super-team.

                          #4- Eiyu No Academy (Academy of Heroes) (Kiryoku, Japan): Established in the late 70s, this strict academy caters to distinctly japanese-style heroes. Most students are Shivan Shard Focusers of various forms. Curriculums in Magical Girl posing, Mecha piloting, Sentai team tactics and super-pet care.

                          #5- Shule ya mabingwa wa kesho (The school for Champions of Tomorrow) (Dakana, Africa): School established by the King of Dakana, with the support of the rest of the African Union. The goal of the school is to create a new generation of heroes for the continent of Africa, and to create peaceful relations across multiple African nations.

                          #6- Lionheart Academy (United Kingdom): Sponsored by the New Round Table, this school takes in students from all over the U.K. To train them into the new generation of UK Heroes, with the valedictorians of each graduation being automatically offered knighthood and membership in the New Round Table.

                          #7- Le College Heroique (The Heroic College) (France): The original Heroic College of France was founded in the Napoleonic age, but was disbanded during the Nazi Occupation. General DeGaulle had it reopened in the 1960s, and it has since taken in students from not just France, but also from most countries in Mainland Europe. The school is notable for it's very large proportion of unpowered “Super-Normal” student heroes.

                          #8- Supergorod Odnim (Supercity One) (Russia; classified location): originally founded during the Stalin era, Supercity One is a massive city-sized facility that was built to create superbeings for the Soviet Union. It shifted towards recruiting and educating new generations of Supers to serve and protect the people of Russia. (Rumors that many of those Supers were engineered via super-secret breeding and cloning programs are unconfirmed)

                          #9- The Shambala Temple (Shambala Vale, the Himalayas): This monestary, located deep within the hidden Shambala Vale, is difficult to earn admission to. But it is said to be the “sun source” of all unarmed fighting techniques, with techniques allegedly dating back to Ancient Atlantis.

                          #10- The Ultimon High Academy (Ultima Thule): having existed for as long as the civilization of the Ultimons themselves, it is here that all young Ultimon learn how to control and hone their powers; it is also where they learn how to battle.


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                            Re: The Romverse 2.0

                            Okay, I find myself at a crossroads... I want to continue work on this superhero universe of mine, but now find myself wanting to do something more then just take characters from Freedom City and other settings, turn them into furries and cludge them together in a hodge-podge. I want to create new, original characters.. ...or at least create my own expies of popular comic book characters, to create new, original projects with those characters.


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                              Re: The Romverse 2.0

                              So do that.