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The Catsiverse: Heroes Unlimited setting

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  • The Catsiverse: Heroes Unlimited setting

    The Catsiverse is a wide and varied setting featuring everything from fantasy, to sci-fi, to horror, to Action to romance. It covers the vast breath and depth of the universe and realms both divine and infernal. Its the culmination of my many years of roleplaying experience as a player and a storyteller, and it all started the day I played with a friends Dungeons and Dragons figures at lunch one day.

    This thread will focus specifically on my Heroes Unlimited campaign and the resultant world and heroes and villains within. Questions and Commentary are always welcome and appreciated.

    Many thanks go out to Crinos, and Charles Phipps whose own Ginormous settings had a big influence over many of the things seen here. Also other wonderful people who will be named as I come across them.

    The Universe



    Heroic Agencies

    Villainous Agencies

    Nations and World Powers

    Alien Races

    Magic and Mystery

    The secret of the Preservers
    Heaven and Hell
    The Darkness beyond time and space
    The First races
    The Eldar
    The Guardians of the Galaxy
    The Green Lantern Corps
    The Cosmic Forge
    The Cosmo Knights
    The Lor Republic
    The Stellar Khanate
    The Star Knights
    The Thissera-Micean Cooperative TMC
    Celestials and Entropic Masters
    Flagg The American Hero
    Project Rebirth
    Captain America
    The Red Skull
    Doctor Arcane
    The Lady Grey
    The secret of the Oracle Trinity
    The Grey Square
    The White Ring
    The Black Ring
    The Usurper
    Athena The Goddess of Law
    Enigma The Mystery of Mysteries

    More to come.
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