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    Wait, what?
    It sounds weird, I know, but welcome to Pokemon for M&M 3e! This thread includes Pokemon and item stats, adventure ideas, and more. The goal is to have a guide to easily create a Pokemon setting for Mutants and Masterminds, which is definitely possible. All it takes is a little thought.

    Note that I am basing this somewhat off of a thread in the archive for a similar idea. However, that thread was mostly never updated to 3e and I consider it discontinued (the last post was 11 months ago and the post before that was 13 months earlier). Credit goes to Whiteprofit for the original thread, which can be found here: 2e Pokemon Setting

    That's nice, but Pokemon sucks. It's for little kids and you can't do anything with it other than remaking the games.
    I resent that "little kids" comment. Actually, random voice, you can do plenty with Pokemon. All you need to do is think outside the box. There are some things you can do right here.

    Suggestion 1: Tone
    Pokemon can be a hell of a lot darker than it is. Don't believe me? Well, first of all there's the Pokemon themselves. I'm sure most of you reading this have heard that Pokemon is basically cockfighting managed by prepubescent kids using creatures that could kill them in a heartbeat, but it's true. Second, it's the people using the Pokemon. In a darker world, Teams Rocket through whatever they have for X and Y would be trying to do more than just make money and KO some Pokemon. In a dark world, trainers can be hurt or even killed. Having someone really evil provides a goal other than just beating the threat of the week, and makes the gyms and the Elite Four secondary, rather than the other way around.

    Suggestion 2: New World
    Just make your own setting. It would still have Pokemon, but it would also have entirely new characters. Make the government have a bit more of a role, and push parents out of the background (no parent I've ever met would allow their kid to leave home for years at the age of ten).

    Okay, fine. But how powerful should these things be?
    I'm glad you asked. Power Level 3 is a good starting point for both trainers and starter Pokemon.
    The thing to remember with Trainers is that they won't be doing much actual fighting. Thus, they should have ranks in Expertise (Pokemon), Handle Pokemon (Handle Animal in a world that technically doesn't have animals), and Notice. Advantages like Leadership and Assessment allow you to help your Pokemon directly, and a defensive advantage (Defensive Roll comes to mind) wouldn't be bad either. Survival and Treatment are also more useful than you'd think (I wouldn't trust myself to remember to buy potions or to navigate through tall grass at midnight, much less a ten year old kid).
    If cost is starting to weigh your 45-point trainer down, than lower some stats. Kids that age aren't supposed to have 10s in all physical attributes. Also, give some complications (being a minor is a good choice in a more serious campaign).
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