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Dreamking's Setting Seed for Mugen No Odyssey

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  • Dreamking's Setting Seed for Mugen No Odyssey

    The Galactic Empire virtually governed the entire galaxy, but such an enormous thing was not meant to last, and the different factions within the Imperial Council warred with each other. The last straw was when House Illion stole the hyperadvanced computer core that served as the main governing tool of the Imperial house.

    The Battle of Illion Sector marked the most destructive conflict in recorded history, as the Imperial House rallied all its allies, buying off those who couldn’t be swayed by other means. House Illion also rallied others behind it, who saw the chance to unite behind a single banner to overthrow the millennial rule of the royal line.

    The battle raged for a full decade as the different fleets annihilated each other, laying waste to the entire sector of the galaxy. What nobody remembered was that the computer core did not only keep track of information coming from all the corners of the Empire. It also coordinated an ancient but forgotten defense system that kept the Chthons at bay, a race of violent and inscrutable aliens that took this chance to invade the galaxy and destroy all sides of the conflict.

    The sole surviving battleship, the Odyssey has dedicated itself to scour the sector in search of survivors. Illion Sector is uninhabitable now. As it prepares to set sail towards the Imperial capital to warn them of the dangers of the Chthons, the crew discovers a last distress signal from an escape pod, which only contains a mute little girl who cannot explain who she is or what is she doing there. The word “Cassandra” is written on a plate of metal found inside the pod, so she is called by that name.

    The crew of the Odyssey is composed of members of all the warring houses, mercenaries, and civilians from the Ilion systems. Forced to cooperate in order to survive, tensions in the ship are high, to say the least.

    The hero-generals of the conflict have access to technology that makes them more than human; the Organic Living Machine Processing Analogs (OLiMPAn's, or nicknamed “Olympians”). The Olympians take the shape of a piece of jewelry, but upon command, they cover their user in organic body armor that grants incredible powers. Unlike other machines, the Olympians are alive and have a personality, although only their user can hear them. All Olympians can sense that Cassandra is important. They cannot tell that she is an Olympian like them, but one that doesn’t need a host in order to exist; in fact, she’s actually the Imperial computer core and the only one who knows how to return the Chthons back to their place of origin, if only she was returned to the main controlling array in the Imperial capital…

    Any resemblance to Greek myths and Homer’s The Illiad and The Odyssey is purely, blatantly and unabashedly intentional.
    I will be updating this as I see fit.

    If anyone wishes to add their House info, feel free to.
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    Re: Dreamking's Setting Seed for Mugen No Odyssey

    The Galactic Empire

    The Galactic Empire formed roughly a thousand years ago and has existed ever since. Legend has it that the Empire (and the Great Houses) were formed by the Dodekatheon: the first twelve bearers of Olympians. The Houses effectively rule their own territories, but all answer to an Emperor, located in the current capital in the Achaean Nebula. The current Galactic Emperor is Agamemnon, the Bearer of the Olympian Zeus. He is believed to be dead after the Illion War.

    Great Houses

    The Great Houses are the nobility of the Galactic Empire. They each effectively rule their own territories however they see fit, answering to no one save the Emperor. Each House usually has a leader referred to as an Archon, though the process as to how the Archon is chosen varies from house to house. Most of the most powerful Houses in the empire have at least one Olympian in their possession, though it's possible to have a powerful House without owning an Olympian.

    The current Houses are as follows:

    House Sparta
    A highly militaristic House, the nobility of Sparta pride themselves upon the skill of their warriors. Every citizen in House Sparta territory is trained in the military since childhood, and are adept users of mechs, blasters and beam swords. The greatest of Sparta's warriors are often 'enhanced', either with robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering or dozens of other technologies to keep Sparta's position as the dominant military power in the Galaxy.

    Current Archon: Achilles (deceased)
    Current members: Ioannes
    Current Olympians: Nyx, Hermes (Lost to House Illion)

    House Achaea

    The current 'ruling' house of the Empire, and has been for the last few centuries. The reputation of Achaea has varied from enlightened thinkers to decadent tyrants and everything in between (depending on who was in charge at the time). The actual capital planet of Moira is a huge city-world in a sector filled with planets rich in resources, both mineral and agricultural. When the Black Ships attacked during the Illion War, Emperor Agamemnon's flagship was among the first destroyed.

    Current Archon: Agamemnon (deceased)
    Current Members: None met
    Current Olympians: Zeus (Missing)

    House Illion

    Once a center of arts and liberal thinking, House Illion was also famous for it's dissatisfaction towards the ruling of House Achaea. This dissatisfaction came to head when the Computer Core of Moira, causing the nobility of Illion to declare independence and rally other Houses to stand with them against the tyrant Agamemnon. With the arrival of the Black Ships, most of the Illion Sector has been reduced to little more than an interstellar graveyard. The few Illion soldiers left on the Odyssey are all who are left of the entire sector.

    Current Archon(s): Alexander Paris (unofficial), Priam (deceased)
    Current Members: Alexander Paris
    Current Olympians: Hermes ('stolen' from House Sparta)

    The Republic of Athens

    The splendor of the Cityworld of Athens belies its troubled past. In its pre-spacefaring days, Athens was controlled by dozens of constantly warring factions. The people of Athens were spared from the brink of mutual annihilation by the sudden appearance of Alexandra Drake the Lawgiver.

    Drake rallied the people of Athens with a radical proposal. Power would be stripped from the faction leaders and given to a new planetary government. The citizens themselves would have the ultimate authority over the Athenian Republic; debating and voting on practically all vital issues through the forums of the Tele-assembly. Faced with rising discontent and the very real prospect of global destruction, the faction leaders acquiesced to Drake's proposals. The Republic was born, ushering in an era of internal peace and prosperity. In time, the Athenians took to the stars and colonized several neighboring planets.

    The Star Republic was an early ally of the Galactic Empire, though the citizens of Athens stubbornly refused to allow their planets to be assimilated into the Imperial system. Athens tried to maintain its neutrality in the early years of the Illion Wars, but the Empire's increasingly bellicose demands finally pushed the Republic to reluctantly vote to go to war as an ally of Illion. With war declared and the Navy mobilized, Athens had to fill the one office that was not elected: Philosopher-Commander.

    Current Archon: ???
    Current Members: Philosopher-Commander Lysandra Drake
    Current Olympians: Athena

    House Kalkanis

    The origins of House Kalkanis are unabashedly bourgeois, and the rise to power of this small house is tied inextricably to its business, the manufacture of ships and warp technology. Hundreds[?] of years ago, Eva Kalkanis demonstrated the ability of cognitive fields to stabilize metaverse travel, and the Empire blossomed practically overnight. Eva joined the emperor's private retainer of scientists, and soon after she was elevated to nobility as reward for her myriad accomplishments. This meteoric rise marked the character of the house that was to follow her, and a tradition of commercialism and impeccable service was firmly entrenched for the generations that were to follow. Kalkanis Navigation, the lifeblood company, was established shortly after Eva's promotion, and has remained the exclusive property of the house ever since. Distinguishing the company from the house is a futile effort, and the family seems less concerned with establishing a noble presence than with having the name "Kalkanis" plastered over every engine this side of Lacaille.

    Because of its strict attitudes, lack of refinement, and concentration on industry, House Kalkanis is an unwelcome beast in noble circles, and its members are often politically isolated as a result. The house instead concentrates on cultivating its public relationships. Ferreos, where the ancestral property of Kalkanis sits, is a glittering city that has been engineered to perfection and invigorated with constant patronage of the arts and huge corporate donations. This populist bent, interestingly, is what ultimately wound up pushing Kalkanis into the war on the side of the Illonians. While having few warships of its own, the sudden disappearance of Empire-space service facilities and engine contracts, combined with the emergence of new prototypes on the Illonic side, left the Empire struggling to fill a technological gap.

    Current Archon: David Kalkanis
    Current Members: Anton Kalkanis
    Current Olympians: Charon
    What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? I don't know, but I trapped it in my bedroom. Send help.