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Cat Age --- Fur Scene 3 (The Amazing Spider-Cat)

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  • Cat Age --- Fur Scene 3 (The Amazing Spider-Cat)

    It is the future. Or a future. Exactness doesn’t matter.

    There are aliens on Earth. And magic. And advanced technology. The planet is part of a more wondrous space then had been imagined. Countries have joined the cosmic Alliance.

    There are superpowered people. Some of them fight crime for the Alliance’s super-agency LANTERN.

    And yet the world is familiar: the politics, prejudices, and pop-culture are all relatable even if they’re names and forms are different.

    This is the world of the Cat Age.

    Tropes of the Cat Age:
    Purely Aesthetic: The Cat Age doesn’t try to posit logical consequences of introducing things like super-technology beyond “people’s lives get a little easier and cooler and the universe is a little weirder”. The discussions and arguments on the message boards are still the same thing we go through. It also doesn't matter exactly when the present time is -- though it's probably an Alternate Timeline -- just that events have happened in that fit the aesthetic.

    Out-and-Loud: Aliens, magic, and whatnot aren’t a hidden or rare part of the setting: they are considered common if not normal. Prejudice sometimes results.

    It’s about Here and Now: There is no time-travel and no alternate dimensions. Alternate versions of a place can exist, showing a past or possible future, but there is usually a reason.

    Heroes have Badges, not Masks: Not literally, but while you can wear a mask and it is possible to be a freelance hero the one thing you absolutely are not allowed to have is a Secret ID. Most heroes join some kind of government organization.

    Newton is the Interior Decorator, MC Escher was the Architect: The universe only looks like we think it does. In fact it’s really more like an Escher work, with directions and distances not as they seem. No one needs FTL or Stargates, they just need to go to exactly the right spot and proceed from there.


    Major Villains 1 (The Horde)

    Superhuman Types 1 (Mythics, Wilds)

    The Fur Scene 1 (Alienconda)
    The Fur Scene 2 (Bast, Anubis)
    The Fur Scene 3 (The Amazing Spider-Cat)

    Locations 1 (Lost Valley Academy)
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    Re: Cat Age --- Introduction

    This setting sounds really interesting, Silvercat. Can't wait for more.
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      Re: Cat Age --- Introduction

      Major Villains 1

      I would normally begin with some heroes since that’s what’s been drilled into me by various published products, but honestly what PCs need are villains.

      The Horde: Begun on the insignificant magic planet known as Azeroth as a way to protect and unite the “monster” races against their human oppressors, the Horde quickly overran not only their home but eventually other planets too, brutally crushing all who wouldn’t submit. Now covering dozens of worlds and armed with advanced technology the Horde seems unstoppable in their quest to conquer the entire universe.
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        Re: Cat Age --- Introduction

        Superhuman Types 1

        Mythics: For an unknown amount of time creatures out of myth and legend had lived among humans concealed in human forms. Fey, vampires, monstrous beasts, therianthropes, witches, etc. Some knew what they were; some didn't. Their history has been hidden, deliberately forgotten, or just plain lost. All that's known is that only a few years ago the communities realized that factors that could reveal them were becoming too great to ignore: population size, technology, even discontent among mythics. It was resolved to first work with global governments to clandestinely set up legal protections for their kind and once those were ready reveal mythics to the world. Reaction was obviously mixed. Mythics have become the newest favorite prejudice target, but is not as bad as the horror stories have always portrayed. It's worst for those whose mythic ancestry has been forgotten who then "freak out" in stressful moments.
        Despite including creatures like griffins and dragons all mythics remain fairly human ("cute monster girl") even when transformed into their "true" form. Debate about why this is and the true origin of mythics rages.

        Wilds: Many hypothesis have come up for the origin of the Wild Surge from an atomic bomb unleashing nature's wrath to a forgotten bio-weapon. All that's known is an eco-terror-Social-Darwinist group stumbled into a minor outbreak of the energy, mutating them and finally giving them a weapon. Learning how to bottle it they set it free in a packed stadium, swallowing the entire structure in plant life and mutating the people inside into animalistic forms. Though the group was caught some of their backup canisters went missing from the evidence locker. Since then Wild Energy has been unleashed several times, by power-supremecists, by super-terrorist organizations, unscrupulous businesses, or even by accidents in labs studying the energy.
        Wild Energy is said to cause "nature" to "reassert" itself: areas affected by it become choked with plants and fungi instantly, and humans exposed to it develop features of animals, most often externally. While a few victims have developed animal-style powers from the exposure most are simply left looking like a furry. No cure has been found.
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          Re: Cat Age --- Superhuman Types 1 (Mythics, Wilds)

          The Fur Scene 1

          Because of the Wild Surge and the new fashion genetics known as splicing “furries” are a real thing in the Cat Age.

          Alienconda: An unwitting dimensional immigrant, Titania Cerrejon comes from a less advanced and open version of Earth where everyone is some kind of anthropomorphic animal. A member of the snake minority race (believed to be descendants of the hybrids between the majority mammals and the now-extinct serpent-folk) she faced prejudice all her life, driving her to take up with the only social group that would have her: nerds. It was these connections (as well as her mousy love of books) that got her selected for the position of research assistant on an experimental particle acceleration project that promised the possibility of teleportation. Unfortunately it turned out one of the scientists was a rabid fur-supremacist, who was quick to blame any failings of his on her. Eventually he couldn’t take a “scalie” being part of something so historic and tried to get rid of her by shoving her in the particle stream. Instead this transported her to the Earth of the Cat Age. While in some ways this made Titania’s situation worse in one important way it made things better: back home her reptilian appearance made her unappealing to most of the population. However on Cat Age Earth her exotic form combined with her shy cuteness and fatless frame turned her into an overnight sensation in the modeling world as Alienconda. For her part Titania is enjoying her new-found celebrity way too much to think of going home.
          Alienconda is an anthropomorphic snake, meaning she has a humanoid torso and arms but the neck, head, and lower body of an anaconda. Being part-mammal her scales are fine to non-existent and she does have boobs (just not very obvious ones).


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            Re: Cat Age --- Superhuman Types 1 (Mythics, Wilds)

            The Fur Scene 2

            Bast: A fierce anthropomorphic cat-woman with dual forms -- fire/heat/light controller and hulking powerhouse -- with an unknown past beyond a few decades ago is one you wouldn’t think would be in childcare. But Bast loves children; unable to have any of her own she showers her maternal affection on the children of other supers at the Lost Valley Academy. In her spare time she loves dressing her husband Anubis up in skimpy Egyptian outfits and dragging him to furry conventions.
            Bast claims she is not the goddess from Ancient Egypt, whether an actual god or some ancient alien who posed as one, but given that she suffers from amnesia there's always the possibility.........

            Anubis: The husband of Bast, Anubis is an anthropomorphic black jackal. Unlike Bast he has no powers although he is very perceptive, a trait he uses as a doctor and forensic examiner for the super-powered set. He’s sort of a dusty scholar otherwise and dresses the part, though even this doesn’t seem to diminish his celebrity among the furry crowd.
            As far as he is concerned Anubis is not the Ancient Egyptian god of the same name, and wishes people stop thinking he's some kind of death controller. It's not even mythologically accurate!


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              Re: Cat Age --- Fur Scene 1+2 (Alienconda, Bast, Anubis)

              I shall await further development with interest.


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                Re: Cat Age --- Fur Scene 1+2 (Alienconda, Bast, Anubis)

                Fur Scene 3

                The Amazing Spider-Cat: Mild-mannered nerd Peter Parker was attending a class field trip to the New York Gene Exchange when someone unleashed a wild surge (to this day no one has claimed responsibility). Not only was Peter transformed into a cat Wild, but during the transformation he was bitten by his best friend, Mary Jane Watson, herself gaining spider features, resulting in a unique mixture that also gave Peter several hidden spider powers. Unable to take the added prejudice Peter snapped and started acting out, running with a tough posse.........until someone in the posse gunned down his Uncle Ben trying to stop a robbery. Peter immediately took the lesson to heart.....mostly. He donned a costume and started rounding up criminals. There are enough cat-people in New York that it took LANTERN two nights to track him down. They arrested Peter on the third day, but given his circumstances they went easy on him and “recommended” he enroll at Lost Valley Academy.
                Spider-Cat has the strength, speed, and agility of a puma along with a spider’s ability to stick to walls, spin webs (from his hands), and endurance. Both sources give him enhanced senses and the ability to jump great distances.