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    Hello all, just really getting into M&M 3E as a GM and one of the powers that is really giving me trouble still is the concept of the "Move Object" power. I have a player who wants to be able to use his "mental" powers to lift cars (one example) to "throw" them at people and to have that damage them. He also would like to have either an array power or alternate effect of his "mental" powers that allows him to snatch up a light post or other object and "wrap it around" an opponent to hold them (one effect) or "squeeze" them (another effect) for damage. He'd also like to use his "mental" powers to lift object but without actually trying to damage anyone...just throw them aside like "children's blocks"...his words. So, how would that look as far as the Move Object Power goes?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologize if this has been covered before and I just missed the post.


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    Re: Move Object Help

    The first one is an action to pick up and a Standard to throw. Wrapping an object around someone is a Snare Affliction with a Quirk of needing materials onhand. Squeezing is basically a Grab attack with descriptors. Knockback was covered with optional rules in Power Profiles.
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