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    HERO/Champions has a power where you can pinpoint a person by making check. With sufficient power you could know that "John Doe", someone only vaguely familiar to you, is in Bombay on street X, building #y as you action in combat. Kind of like Professor X's Cerebro helmet.

    In M&M, there are (at least) two ways to buy this:

    Enhanced Trait, Investigation +10 (or more) Limited to Searching for an individual, LINKED to Quickness 15 (Limited to one task, investigation checks to search a (large) area for a specific person). This allows you to search a 30 mi square area (900 sq miles) in 1 second. Or you could take 1 minute and search a 2,000 mi square (4M sq miles). To reduce that back to 1 second requires 6 more ranks of Quickness (+2 PP).

    This costs about 8 PP (5/2 + 15/3)
    Enhanced Trait, Perception +10 (or more) Limited to mind detection, LINKED to Detect Individual Mind, Acute, Radius, Ranged, Extended Range 5 (-1/100,000 feet), Penetrates Concealment. This allows you make a Perception check in a 19 miles radius to spot an individual.

    This costs about 17 PP (5/2 + 14). To search at the 2,000 mi radius range requires 2 more ranks of Extended Range (-1/10 million feet) and is still just a single check. (+2 PP)
    I like the flavor of the first one. You have a range you can search and you can spend more time (with Cerebro on your head) to get more range. The first one is also NOT a sense. It's a simple skill check and someone can counter it sufficient Stealth.

    The second one, the only defense is Concealment (Mental Sense). And that defense is absolute.

    EDIT: Perhaps the first version needs a ranged awareness power so that you have a mental sense with which to make the investigation check....
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    Re: Mind Scan

    I think you would be looking for more of a Detect power, which Acute on it.
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      Re: Mind Scan

      Originally posted by kenseido View Post
      I think you would be looking for more of a Detect power, which Acute on it.
      Did I say accurate? I meant acute. I'm editing the first post.

      And the detect power works. But the quickness power also works, although, it might need a ranged awareness sense so that you have a mental sense with which to make the investigation check..... Or remote sensing...
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        Re: Mind Scan

        Investigate method is limited to your existing senses and won't find invisible or concealed objects.
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          Re: Mind Scan

          Acute should be good enough to recognize a mind the same way it's enough for sight to recognize a face, but since faces can be similar enough to fool people accidentally or deliberately, you might consider Analytical to be able to identify the person's particular "mindprint." This could also be the "discerning details" aspect of getting 3 degrees of success on your Perception check, so Analytical isn't strictly necessary but good rolls on your P-checks are.

          I'm also a fan of using Tracking on senses that are not combat-targetable Accurate but give general distance and direction to the subject.

          Keep in mind that the base penalty on ranged senses is -1/10' and each rank of Extended increases that by ten, or basically adds a zero, so you're a zero short on all your estimates right now. Ext 5 would be -1/1m ft or about 200 miles. Ext 6 and Penetrates Concealment on ANY ranged sense should be enough to detect a subject anywhere on earth with no more than a -4 penalty since the planet is only 8000 miles wide. Ext 7 would get you sensing into orbit and potentially the moon with about a -12 penalty.

          EDIT: If I recall the HERO method correctly, Mind Scan technically ignored range but used the number of minds in a given search space to define a penalty. (Something like -2 for every multiple of 10, I think, so over 100 would be -4 and the whole planet would be -20.) This made it so it could be easier to find a mind in a hundred square miles of desert than it would be to pick out a particular mind in a packed sports arena. I could see a GM using "mind-density" as a possible circumstantial penalty.
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