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  • Ace Pilot

    Hey, me again. Sorta just curious what kind of advantages and skills a true ace pilot might have. I have the base idea on what I should go with but I'm really curious what a true ace pilot would have.

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    Re: Ace Pilot

    Vehicles Skill, as high as you can buy it, obviously.
    Skill Mastery: Vehicles (To fly through beggar's canyon without raising a sweat)
    Second Chance: Vehicle collisions (if your GM allows you to call that a "hazard")
    Quickness (Limited to one task: piloting) - this might allow you to do stuff like preflight checks fast.
    Enhanced Trait: Defense (Affects Others Only, Affects Objects Only, Must be piloting the vehicle +0/r) - You are so good at dodging and weaving you increase the defense of the vehicle (Again, requires GM approval)


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      Re: Ace Pilot

      Depends how creative you want to get with Powers and how many PP you want to sink into this stuff, there's lots of options:

      Floor it! Flight 1, Affects Others Only, Affects Objects Only, Limited to the aircraft the character is piloting, stacks with existing Flight stat of vehicle.
      Hold it Together...: Protection, Affects Others Only, Affects Objects Only, , Limited to the aircraft the character is piloting, Limited to the amount of Toughness penalty the vehicle is currently suffering due to damage
      Engine Shot: Affects Objects Affliction (fatigued, exhausted...), Limited to use in vehicle-vehicle combat, Linked to weapon damage of vehicle being piloted
      Dogfighter's Instinct: Subtle Perception Mind Reading, Limited to discovering the maneuver an enemy pilot will perform next

      If your GM allows, you could do stuff with Defence scores too...

      Evasive Maneuvers! Enhanced Trait Defence (or Enhanced Trait Defensive Roll), Affects Others Only, Affects Objects Only, Limited to the aircraft the character is piloting
      You can't shake me...: Perception Range Weaken Defence, Limited to use in vehicle-vehicle combat, Limited to Vehicles this character attacked in the previous round

      You'll need to have a thorough understanding of what actions are required to perform what actions when piloting, of course. Also, be aware that the vehicle system is probably not really balanced for this stuff, and it'd be very easy to break. Might be worth talking to your GM beforehand, and/or starting with low rank powers just so thing don't get out of control...


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        Re: Ace Pilot

        I've done a version of "reading the other guy's moves" from the Martial Power Profile. Perception Affliction vs Will, Limited degree Vulnerable/Defenseless, Subtle 2 and Insidious, Only Affects Own Attacks. Handy if you're using multi-shot weapons and if you're attacking a defenseless target, critical bonuses.