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Growth, Mass, and Density

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  • Growth, Mass, and Density

    I've got another character concept I'm working on, and I'm looking for some guidance on how it might be written out on a character sheet.

    The character essentially has an alternate form relating to an increase in his size, mass, and density. The Growth power seems like an obvious starting point, but there are a few tricks that I'd like to build in that he can only access while using Growth, leaving him as just an average, ordinary human otherwise.

    Two for sure that caught my eye were the Unstoppable and Bracing powers listed in the Strength Power Profile, essentially allowing him to plow straight through walls at no consequence so long as he's got a running start, or allowing him to plant his feet into a wide stance and prevent anyone from moving him with other effects. I'm guessing this would probably be an array, since it's strictly a one-or-the-other scenario. I guess I'm just not sure how to model it on a character sheet to reflect that these abilities are only available in conjunction with Growth. Would this be an application of the Limited flaw?

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    Re: Growth, Mass, and Density

    Limited or Quirk could work, depending on frequency. How often will it limit use? If it doesn't, there is no point discount, and you can make it a Complication for in case that happens.
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      Re: Growth, Mass, and Density

      Yes, I'd say the above advice is correct-put the powers into an Array, and apply a -2 Quirk to the total array cost; I don't think the Limited Flaw is quite justified, since presumably the hero will be able to use Growth more than half the time, but there will be circumstances when increased size and mass will either be a hindrance or the power is negated.

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