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  • Arrays

    Is there any legal way to make an array "bigger"?

    Suppose I have 3 powers that all cost 15 PP and I want to make them semi-exclusive inside a 30 point Array. Thus two powers could be active at once and the hero would have to switch off one of the powers to turn the third one off. I am not interested in dynamic arrays. I want 3 15-point powers where I can use two at a time. The closest thing I can come to is an array with all three combinations of powers in slots but that is kludgy, and unwieldy after 3 or 4 powers:

    30 Array
    0 multiple effects: Power 1 (15 PP), Power 2 (15 PP)
    1 multiple effects: Power 1 (15 PP), Power 3 (15 PP)
    1 multiple effects: Power 2 (15 PP), Power 3 (15 PP)
    32 PP total.

    This really shouldn't be so hard. But by RAW it isn't possible.

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    Re: Arrays

    What you want is completely legal.

    The answer to it not getting so unwieldy with more and more powers is exactly the answer you refuse to use however.
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      Re: Arrays

      Wouldn't it be easier if Array was a "power" and you just said it had 30 PP in it that costs 29 PP. Then you add slots as needed. It bothers that there some kind of difference between an array of effects and an effect with several alternate effects. The might be some kind of distinction there but it is so subtle as to be ignorable.

      It would also be convenient for things like "all powers in array have the light descriptor" You don't need all that text if the Array can just be given a descriptor.


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        Re: Arrays

        You can take two of the powers with the third as alternate effect to each.


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          Re: Arrays

          Originally posted by DeanH View Post
          You can take two of the powers with the third as alternate effect to each.
          And if I want 5 powers I can use 2 at a time?


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            Re: Arrays

            Assuming you mean 3E, this sounds a bit like a "Wide Array" from Gadget Guides:
            Alternately, characters have the option of paying a higher base cost in order to “widen” the array to mix-and-match alternates from it, so long as their total does not exceed the increased base cost. This differs from a Dynamic Array (Hero’s Handbook, page 138) in that each alternate is fixed; the character must assign all the necessary points to the alternate or none of them, whereas Dynamic Alternates vary.
            Example: Knicknack has a Utility array with a base cost of 25 points for its most expensive gadget. His player chooses to widen the array by paying a base cost of 50 points, plus the usual 1 point per Alternate, but now Knicknack can use any two Alternates at once, so long as their total values as individual items does not exceed 50 points.
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              Re: Arrays

              Oh, so it does exist. But not in the main book.