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Powers whose effects depend on the target?

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  • Powers whose effects depend on the target?

    I play M&M 2E with my group, but I imagine the answer to this question should be the same in either edition, if there is one to be had.

    How would you build a power that had different effects depending on who or what it's used on? For example, a ray that shrinks inanimate objects but disintegrates living creatures?
    It's like an alternate power but you can't choose which of the effects you get, and you don't have to take an action to switch before you use the power (or even know what you're firing at, necessarily) -it depends entirely on what you hit.

    Would this be a suitable Power Feat/Flat Extra, as the benefits and drawbacks compared to a regular alternate power basically cancel out, assuming the two effects are built with similar range, duration etc? Or is there a more technically correct way to do it? And as a follow-up question, could it be built the same way if it were an Area effect (that could potentially catch both types of target in its area and have separate effects on each of them)?

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    Re: Powers whose effects depend on the target?

    That's a tricky one that will literally require GM interpretation since it's potentially ready to engineer situations where you basically get Selective at low cost. The most rules-correct solution is a Linked effect with each Limited.
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