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Action Bomb... how to do it?

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  • Action Bomb... how to do it?

    Suppose you have a disposable minion type, such as walking bomb robots, or Mario-style bomb ombs, or infested terrans. They're weak, and really only exist to explode when they die, and/or when they attack (with a side effect of them also blowing up).

    How would you create that?

    I'm thinking, for self-directed exploding, Close Area Burst Damage #, Side Effect (well, I'm not sure)

    For exploding on demise, Close Area Burst Damage #, Reaction or Triggered (upon demise), Side Effect (well, I'm not sure)

    I don't know how much of a Side Effect is needed to cover dying. (Note, not Disabled, but outright destroyed.)

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    Re: Action Bomb... how to do it?

    I have previously seen a -3 Flaw for a more extreme version of Side Effect which connoted instant death on the bearer, but honestly, this is probably going to be used on a lower-PL Minion, so Side Effect 2 (take attack's damage) is going to take them down a fair amount of the time, particularly if they're defense-shifted. And when it doesn't happen, you just describe them as having miraculously been thrown clear of the blast.

    Side note, whenever this design is in place, almost always you see some way of avoiding death. Be wary of schemes that make "die when using this" of little consequence. Don't allow Regeneration to bring a minion back up, for example, but require requisite ranks of Immortality.

    For a PC doing this, you can generally expect it to be a one-off, so doing it as a Power Stunt, maybe using Extra Effort or Extraordinary Effort to boost the power of it, is probably sufficient unto.
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      Re: Action Bomb... how to do it?

      You add 2 powers:

      1. Death Blast
      Ex: Area, Triggered l (on death)

      2. Melee Attack


      Give it a 0 toughness

      The Bob-Om spends 1 action to light its fuse (sets the Death Blast) it closes to melee and attacks. If the opponent swings at it and damages it. As a minion it goes boom.

      If it wants to, it damages itself... Then goes boom.