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house rules for array point cost

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    Re: house rules for array point cost

    Originally posted by Bothrops View Post
    As a houserule, I revived the old 2e Independent extra for 3e, in a more simplified version. I renamed it as "Enduring" to avoid confusion though, since the name "Independent" is already used for an Illusion extra (allows maintaining active illusions as a free action).
    I've pulled that extra into 3E for certain builds as well. I even find that it can also make sense for certain Affliction or Damage effects, but only for a very limited number of descriptors and largely in the same places that the Contagious extra usually covers it instead.
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      Re: house rules for array point cost

      People being on fire is a good case of Independent damage although, as you stated, Secondary Effect and Contagious does a decent job at it too.
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