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Power Walker/Rig: Device or Equipment?

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  • Power Walker/Rig: Device or Equipment?

    So I've been thinking about creating a character who uses a "walker" (sort of a cross between the walker Ripley used in Aliens, and the Labour Rigs from Age of Steel). It'd primarily be used as a transport; no weapons or anything, though if necessary, it could probably hold its own against certain threats.

    Thing is, due to the somewhat unique nature of this vehicle, I'm not sure if it should be categorized as a Device, or filed under Equipment.
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    Re: Power Walker/Rig: Device or Equipment?

    That really depends on your setting. If they are relatively common in the settings (even just as construction equipment for example), then equipment is OK, but a top of the line model with extra features could be done as a device. If it is a really rare or unique thing in the setting then it needs to be a device.
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      Re: Power Walker/Rig: Device or Equipment?

      According to Gadget Guide, mecha are equipment, despite how important they are to certain characters. Same with spaceships. I think this falls under equipment.