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  • Silence Aura

    I'm trying to build a character with an 'aura of silence' and since there is nothing new under the sun; I decided to ask for help here as I'm sure someone has tried this before!

    The idea is to create an aura where no sound exists.
    My basic premise is this:

    Concealment (All Aural Senses) - 4pts.
    Attack (plus self) - +0
    Area (Burst) - +1/rnk
    Affects Objects - +1/rnk
    Permanent - 0/rnk

    Cost = 8pts

    The aura is pretty straight forward. I added affects objects because.. well.. it does. The idea is ALL sound in nullified, not just those made by living targets.
    Permanent is just a factor of the character, she can't shut it off.

    My issue is that, as written above - I have to pick a resistance since it is an attack. I don't like the idea that people can resist this thing. I don't suppose there is anyway to remove that?
    The other issue is that, there seems to be no option to have it effect her AND everyone else equally. Even Attack (+self) has an either/or clause.. not both.

    Is there a better power to use here? Affliction? Environment?

    I am the GM in this case, this is a villain the PCs will encounter.. so yes, I could just use DM fiat, but if there is a way to build it, I'd rather use that.
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    Re: Silence Aura

    You're doing it the right way. Concealment is the appropriate base for what you want.

    However, you will need to break the power up into two effects (linked if you like, although that's not necessary.) One is a Permanent Auditory Concealment for the character. The second is a Permanent Burst Area Auditory Concealment Attack.

    The silence aura you've built should work for the attack effect, although I'm fairly certain you don't need the Affects Objects extra.
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      Re: Silence Aura

      I'd probably just do it as a Permanent Burst Area Audio Concealment with a Custom +2 Extra for No Save, for a total of 10p.

      You could argue endlessly back and forth on details: technically Close Areas don't affect the user but can as an Extra if the effect is advantageous (like Healing) or can be a Side Effect if the effect is disadvantageous like Damage; does the inability to speak or make any noise balance out the ability to be completely silent?

      This is for an NPC, so ultimately it's academic, but if a player wanted it I don't think 10p is unreasonable.
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        Re: Silence Aura

        I wouldn't even charge the custom extra. Concealment (audio, whole sense type, 2 ranks), Area, Affects Others = 8pp.
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