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Adding extras to defenses/stats?

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  • Adding extras to defenses/stats?


    So, if I have a character with Impervious Toughness X, can I add the extra 'Affects Others' and/or 'Area' to it? Essentially giving my score to another? (Barring PL limits of course).

    I know you can put extras on your Strength to alter your damage, I guess I'm asking if you can do it with any stat.

    And if you can, is there any reason why it would be better or worse to do so rather than buy a separate Protection power with all the same extras?

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    Re: Adding extras to defenses/stats?

    YMMV re: any particular GM, but you can do this. One reason to do this--whatever effect we're talking about--is that with the Affects Others Extra both you and the other character(s) can also use it.

    Aura of Courage: Enhanced Advantage 1 (Fearless; Extras: Affects Others, Burst Area) - add Selective if you want to deny the "enemy" the advantage, too. Normally Affects Others requires a Standard action and a touch to share it, but with Area, you affect all without the touch, but you still must spend the action (many players forget this).

    The downside to your example is applying Impervious and Affects Others and Area, you're taking on a whopper of a cost! (but Arraying can mitigate it, and as to the YMMV aspect, wouldn't be a permanent function of your membership in the group.
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      Re: Adding extras to defenses/stats?

      Technically the system is flexible enough to allow you to modify any trait. The question becomes whether that's desirable in terms of playability and game balance, and that's basically one of the GM's jobs. Opinions will differ, but I try to tend toward simplicity and utility; that is, using fewer modifiers when possible, and not trying to modify one Effect to do the work of another existing Effect.

      Shareable Protection like you describe could be done as a Create Effect to simulate a force field that can cover an area; it functions as a separate volume of Toughness, so it doesn't affect the PL of anyone using it for cover. If you want to be able to give effectively portable skin-tight and mobile force fields to others, Protection with Affect Others is more appropriate, although that will affect PL. Adding only Impervious to others is not limited to PL, but you can only apply Impervious to existing Protection/Toughness ranks.

      It really depends on how you want the power to work, which is intuitively different from many other games where powers are defined for you. I always encourage players to describe how they see the power working, ideally using as few game terms as possible, and even describing situations where they'd be used in different ways (which is great for defining Alternate Effects or Power Stunts).
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