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Stupid Grab Question

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  • Stupid Grab Question

    Noobish question: I can't figure out how to increase a character's grab DC without also increasing Strength, or adding a power like Elongation or Extra Limbs.

    I know that you must succeed on a close combat (grab) attack check, and that your opponent must then make a Strength or Dodge check against your grab DC. What I don't know is how to make the DC for the opponent's Strength or Dodge check higher without adding crazy powers like extra limbs?

    I thought maybe Enhanced Trait, but HeroLabs won't let me increase grab DC that way (only the close combat check).

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    Re: Stupid Grab Question

    I have no books here, but off the top of my head I'm thinking it should work with

    Enhanced Strength, Flaw: Limited to Grabbing
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      Re: Stupid Grab Question

      Since Limited to Lifting is a thing; I suppose that makes sense. Strange that there isn't an advantage for this.


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        Re: Stupid Grab Question

        Hero Lab is cool, but you probably won't find a way to do this without it throwing errors out of the box. Sometimes, you just have to accept that it wont do certain things, and mentally adjust them in your head or edit the sheet before posting.
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          Re: Stupid Grab Question

          Hero Lab won't complain unless you break PL. Enhanced STR (Limited to Grabs) works.

          Don't forget the Improved Hold Advantage!
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