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House rule idea: Movement and Movement

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  • House rule idea: Movement and Movement

    Mutants and Masterminds has two different systems of pricing for movement powers. Some, like Swinging and Wall-Crawling, use the base speed rank and add a flat cost on top of it. Others, like Flight and Leaping, are a completely separate power with their own speed rank. It makes buying multiple movement powers more complicated and awkward than it needs to be.

    Here's an example: a lot of characters need to be able to run fast and jump high, so they have the Speed power and the Leaping power. If they put both powers in an array, they save points, but they can only do one or the other in any given turn: run fast or jump high. This could make sense for something like a transforming robot, but for a superhuman athlete, it's glaringly artificial. If the character buys Speed and Leaping separately, as I usually see on published NPCs, they can use both at once, but they've effectively bought a much less versatile version of Flight that costs the same amount as the full power.

    (Spider-Man is the worst off of any superhero I can think of: he needs Swinging, Wall-Crawling, Leaping, and Speed for his Swinging, and he still isn't as mobile as a superhero who spends fewer points to just fly!)

    Has anyone tried making the other movement powers in 3E flat cost additions to Speed, the same as the options in the, uh, Movement power? I'm thinking about implementing a house rule to that effect in a game I hope to run soon, and about the only downside I can think of is that it would make full, Superman style flight prohibitively expensive--and even that just makes me think that the Movement power should be one point per rank instead of two points per rank.
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    You can switch the array once per turn as a free action any time during the turn. With only slight hand waving you could use half you speed running switch the array and use the leaping power.

    And spider man does not need leaping. His leaping is governed by his athletics ability, not a power.


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      I dunno, man, Spidey's got some ups!

      He does have Swinging as part of a removable device, though. And it gives him an "out of web fluid" complication to get more Hero Points out of...

      Leaping, Wall-Crawling, and Swinging all together definitely includes some redundancy, though. The way I see it right now, if Wall-Crawling (the non-Distracting version) costs two ranks, and other less-than-flight mobility powers like Water Walking or swinging cost one rank, then buying Flight as a Movement power might cost... four ranks, maybe? Limited flight, like the kind an airplane or a man with wings might have, would cost as much as non-Distracting wall-crawling. That feels about right, to me.

      Leaping should probably only cost one rank, the same as Swinging.
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        The point of leaping is to have more of it than your speed. Think The Hulk. He can't have more than 2-4 speed but he leap across the state of Arizona. Arguably, Leaping should a flaw added to flight.