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Hero points in a villain campaign

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  • Hero points in a villain campaign

    So, I'm about to start a villain campaign for my players. We've played M&M once before, but at that time as heroes. My only question is how hero points should work in a villain campaign. I haven't found a good answer to this (I may have completely missed it if it's in the rule book). Since hero points are used to incentive players into doing heroic things and at the same time put themselves in danger, how would "villain points" work.

    Just doing a villainous thing doesn't seem to cut it, it's what they will be doing anyway. And doing a villainous thing always puts you in danger since it will be dangerous and attract attention. So I'm not sure how to find a clear criteria for when my players should earn a "villain point". Does anyone have a good answer for this.

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    Well, they should still get them for Fiat cases, of course, same with Complications. The published villains by Green Ronin generally include these and there are some nicely traditional villainous traits like feeling compelled to leave riddles that clue the heroes into the crime, needing to follow a particular theme, or negative personality traits like being easily angered or following some sort of "gentleman villain" code where they don't hurt fallen heroes, issue formal challenges, and turn on other villains who break those rules. And, of course, they'll have the usual Complications. Evil does Have Loved Ones a good bit of the time.

    Outside of that? good roleplaying. The player who delivers a proper villainous monologue in character will probably earn a Hero Point. The player who comes up with a clever plan involving creating a social media game that leaves the heroes tied up investigating little Freedom Friends Task Force GO! LEDs stuck up across town because a handful of them are actually mind-foggers... well, that's clever.

    Just like with heroes, it's about going above and beyond.
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