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  • Clarification for the indirect-extra

    Good Day,

    i stumbled on the indirect-extra and after checking a few posts from other people who also were confused, i am still not sure, how the different ranks work, but i have a guess.
    So i'd like to ask, if my guess is correct.

    Indirect 1: the effect originates from a fixed point away from you.
    This one sounds simple. You have a point that is relative to you and from where you can shoot something.
    Since I read a few other explanations allready i conclude, that this also means, that i only can use it in a straight line.
    So i might have an ability that allows me to shoot something from two metres above my shoulder, but as long this point is not exactly between me and my oponnent, it's not usefull.


    Indirect 2: the effect can come from any point away from you or a fixed point in a fixed direction (notaway from you).
    This is were I became lost.
    If i understand correctly, those are two things from which you can choose one.
    Either you can move the source of your effect, but it still has to be exactly between you and your target (so in general the same as Rank)
    you still have the fixed location, but now you, your effect-starting-point and your target do not have to be in a straight line, but in a more complex pattern.
    So, if i had the fixed point one metre before and two metres above me, i could make the fixed direction "down".


    Indirect 3: The effect can come from any point in a fixed direction (not away from you) or a fixed point in any direction.
    Again, as i understand, two options to choose.
    Either you have a specific point, that can shoot in any direction. So you might have a point a metre above you and you can shoot at anything in line of sight from there.
    you have a direction that is fixed but you can shoot from anywhere. So you would for example say, the attack goes straight forward but you can decide, from where it goes in that direction. Here i do not know, for what this would be used. The example i thought of was a flying gun. It only shoots in the direction it's pointing. But since you could easily change the direction in which in points, it could basically shoot from anywhere to anywhere.

    Indirect 4: The effect can originate from any point and aim in any direction, including towards you (hitting a target in front of you from behind, for example).
    This one seems fairly simple again. You can move the point, from where your effect originates and you can also say, in which direction it goes.

    I hope, i got it right, but if not, i would appreciate clarification.

    GM-to-be who is new to M&M and Pen-and-Paper in generell and without a firm grasp of the english language. My apologies for questions and comments that sound stupider than you are used too.

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    Your examples seem to fit pretty well. Indirect 1 does have its uses, but most of them involve bypassing a nearby obstacle. For example, let's say the villain is standing on the other side of a sheet of rice paper. By D20 rules, which M&M 3E is derived from, the villain is under full cover, and you could fire a sniper rifle at them and all it will hit is the paper (yes, it's silly, and most GMs will ignore this or house rule penetration of intermediate targets), but if you have Indirect 1 (blast originates five feet from my hand), then you can start the blast on the other side of the rice paper. Or the bank vault door if you want to be less silly (said villain would likely have full cover, of course, in that case). The Indirect 2 "fixed point, any one fixed direction" one only seems useful for something like being able to do a trick-shot behind you so that you can shoot without turning around.
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      Actually, your interpretation of 1 is a bit off. The SOURCE of your power starts at a fixed point that is not where you are. For example, 10 feet over my head would be a fixed point not where you are. Then the power moves away from you FROM that SOURCE. So in you picture, there should be no red dots between the "hero" and the X. They should all be on the other side of the X only.


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        The dots are supposed to show the direction only, not the flight pattern.
        So the ability would start from the point, but the heroe's (The mighty Stick-Man) position would still count, thus i painted a those direction dots (should have annotated that, i am not a great painter^^).

        GM-to-be who is new to M&M and Pen-and-Paper in generell and without a firm grasp of the english language. My apologies for questions and comments that sound stupider than you are used too.