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  • Portalling things to you

    I'm working on a character that uses portals and I would like to mimic the little mini-portals that Dr. Strange uses in the movies. The ones where he opens a small portal into the library, reaches in from his room, and pulls the book back through.

    I'm thinking it might be a ranged perception teleport power, probably with objects only, linked to a remote sensing power to "see" the target of the teleport and then use yourself as the destination. Does that sound about right? Any other solutions?

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    Your idea isn't bad, but it would be expensive.

    Assuming you want to be able to grab any object under 50lbs from anywhere within range, you'd need Remote Sensing to at least see it (2p/rank for Visual) and a Perception Range Teleport "Attack" to bring it to you. Ranges would have to match up, so essentially it's one big effect that costs 6p/rank, so even a 1 mile range (rank 8) would cost 48p. For standard games, that's pretty big, even if it's in an array.

    This is a pretty broad power, though, allowing you to potentially pick pockets or steal money out of bank vaults. If you wanted to only pull out things from your HQ or a few very specialized places, you could basically treat it like a Bag of Holding or Dimensional Pocket, which holds the mass rank of the stuff you have stored. That means you really need to define it first, or use a Hero Point to have it On-Hand. It's quite limited, but definitely cheaper at a handful of points.

    A third option could be mostly the first option but with a GM willing to accept an Accurate Portal Teleport as basically the same as a teleportal you can see through and consequently grab stuff. This is still a 5p/rank power, with maybe a Quirk on it to only allow through smaller objects, or you can skip the Quirk and just use the power as is for simple utility stuff like travel or moving things. Portals are Concentration Duration by default so you'd need to use a Standard Action every round to maintain it and a Move Action to either travel through it or grab something through it. If you're going full Strange with it, it should also be noticeable with streaming sparks coming off of it. Of course there's always the possibility of being spotted or stuff coming through accidentally, which can be a Complicaiton.

    Since this is for a portal-based character I'd probably use the third option and have that as a slot in an array of Portal tricks.
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