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Improving power effects in an Array: M&M 3e

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  • Improving power effects in an Array: M&M 3e

    I posted this in a general discussion thread, but seems fitting to post it here.
    So, my question is about arrays in M&M 3e. I understand that when building an array, you start with a main power. With its perks/flaws, its total points become the cap for any additional power effects, with additional power effects cost 1pt (2pts if dynamic). The book (i don't remember where) states that improving power

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    I answered this in your General Discussion post. AEs cost 1 PP (or 2 PP) no matter how many points you actually spend in them (as long as it's less than or equal to the base power). The system does not outright forbid nesting AEs in a way that would shave points like you're discussing, but Steve Kenson, in 2E, stated that it's the sort of thing that a GM should feel free to squash.
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