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about the bonus provided by the Morph effect

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  • about the bonus provided by the Morph effect

    From the RAW entry for the Morph effect in the DHH, I understand it does not provide a circumstance bonus, and is therefore subject to PL limits. If it is mentioned differently anywhere else in the text, I cannot find it. My player insists that WOG says it is a circumstance bonus, but cannot provide the reference. I want to be fair, so I am asking here if anyone has a link to it if it exists.

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    It's secondary canon (only the Heroes Handbook is officially "the rules"), but the Morph Power Profile (as collected in the Power Profiles entries that were later collected in the Power Profiles book states:
    The sole game effect of Morph is a circumstance bonus to Deception checks related to the new form, with the ranks (and therefore cost) of Morph determining how wide a range of forms the character can assume.
    This is backed up by another secondary source with the Skinmorph in Gadget Guides again stating the +20 bonus as a Circumstance bonus.

    Lastly, if you're playing DC Adventures instead of Mutants and Masterminds, you're in the clear.
    You gain a +20 circumstance bonus to Deception checks to disguise yourself as the form you assume (see the Disguise guidelines for Deception).
    DC Adventures has slightly different text than M&M 3E and there was never an official clarification that I've seen stating that the 3E HH was intended to be corrected errata.
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      It's most definitely a circumstance bonus. If it's not then characters below PL 10 could never have Morph without a negative PRE score.
      Also, the corebook is somewhat sloppily written, so blind adherence to RAW (aka "lawful stupid") will get you nowhere. As a GM, I'd rather tell a cool story instead of playing rules lawyer.


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        Thank you for your responses. Especially for how quick they were. I really appreciate them. The sources you've cited we consider WOG as they are published by the same company in the same product line...effectively, and don't break consistency.

        And thank you for the criticism, I appreciate that too. Our group is a bit more collaborative in that we each take turns GMing an arc, mostly with the same PCs. So we all feel involved in crafting the story of our characters' ongoing series. We back each other up, everyone playing continuity officer when needed. Nobody's perfect. And we have all agreed to sticking to RAW, WOG, and our consensus interpretations of them. So yeah, our group is "lawful stupid." In fact, it's how most of us make a living, one way or the other.

        Again, thank you.


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          Originally posted by random citizen View Post
          and don't break consistency.
          Yet sometimes they do. For example, Power Profiles contains several suggested powers which "bend" or "tweak" Corebook-RAW.
          By the way, "lawful stupid" in this context means mindlessly sticking to RAW even when it violates all common sense (i.e. idiotic, illogical, pointless, or even downright ABUSIVE). Given M&M's highly flexible nature, it's extremely easy to break the game while staying completely "RAW-legal" (the infamous "bathroom psychic" build is just one of many examples). Therefore, I prefer RAI over RAW anytime.


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            M&M should be played in a "GM says yes" mode. Power Profiles contains a LOT of constructs I would say are iffy by RAW. The thing to remind players who push the system's limits is that the game has to be fun for everyone else, too.