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How would you build a memory shaper?

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  • How would you build a memory shaper?

    I had an idea for a character, but I'm struggling with a way to reflect what they do mechanically -- In 2e, there was an alternate form of Transformation that was called mental transformation. In 3e, I don't see anything similar to that, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

    The idea is that the character manipulates the memories of people he comes in contact with. He can read them, erase them, alter them, and add to them as long as he makes physical contact with the target. The biggest part of the power is the easy part -- mind reading covers the reading of memories, almost certainly. It's the parts where he alters the memories that I'm not sure about. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears! I'd be happy to hear what your thoughts were.

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    For the offensive version, I'd say it's a 3rd degree Affliction result, just like how "baleful polymorph" effects are worked for physical transformations. For more benign ones, I'd probably do the same thing as with 2E, allowing for the mental Transformation as a separate power, priced based on efficacy.
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      Just put flaws on the "evil" version of the power: "Target must be willing" -1.


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        Yeah, I have seen memory alteration built as an Affliction, 3rd degree only.
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