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How does Side Effect work with linked powers?

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  • How does Side Effect work with linked powers?

    So I have a power that's intended to be used once per 'issue' of the game. Basically, I created a custom unreliable flaw that only allows for one charge and a side effect that increases fatigue by two levels when it's used. My question is whether I should apply both of these flaws to BOTH of the linked effects, or just one... My first instinct was just one, but now that I look at it, I'm thinking that since the effects pertain to the entire power, they should probably be on each section, with the exception of maybe switching the side effect for a 'Tiring' effect and just applying it once per effect. Same effect at the end of the day, I think.

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    I think your instincts are right. The Flaw applies to each power it's applied to. If it's applied to two powers, it occurs twice.
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      Tiring sounds better for your specific example. Maybe with a 1 point feature "it's not tiring the first time in a scene."