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  • [2e] Absorption

    Please, someone, explain how this power is built. How do you get 2 power points per 1 rank of damage? So far I can figure is

    Boost (Extras: Action 3 [Reaction]; Flaws: Range [Personal], Limited [if Impervious blocks all damage]) [2pp/rank]

    What am I missing here?
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    Re: [2e] Absorption

    Here's how it's built according to the Mastermind's Manual;

    Protection (Impervious, Limited to Physical or Energy) - 1pp/rank
    Boost (1 point/rank variant, Linked to Protection, Reaction) - 3pp/rank


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      Re: [2e] Absorption

      Yeah, it was updated some for Ultimate Power I believe. Here's the rules text as is. If this isn't kosher to post as is I can take it down and do a summary

      You can absorb a particular type of damage, and use its energy to improve a trait or heal yourself.

      Choose physical or energy damage when you buy this effect. Subtract your Absorption rank from the damage bonus of the affected attack. If the remaining bonus is +0 or greater, make a normal Toughness save against the remaining damage bonus, otherwise you ignore the attack’s damage completely. Your Absorption rank counts as a bonus to your Toughness saves for power level purposes.

      You gain 2 temporary power points per +1 damage bonus absorbed. After absorbing damage, as a reaction, you can immediately use these temporary power points, either to improve a particular trait (like a Boost effect) or to heal yourself, applying points to the Healing effect (one rank of Healing per 2 power points, as usual). Choose which effect you can do when you acquire Absorption; if you choose the Boost effect, you must also determine what trait it will be applied to. Your Absorption Boost can increase a power you don’t normally have—such as Blast—granting you temporary use of that power. If an Absorption Healing attempt fails, you can try again the next time you absorb energy (rather than having to wait or spend a hero point like Healing normally requires).

      You can acquire the other effect of Absorption as an Alternate Power feat, but you can’t use both at the same time. So if you have Absorption Boost, you can acquire Healing as a power feat, but have to choose one effect or the other (Boost or Healing) each time you absorb energy. You can also acquire different forms of Absorption Boost as Alternate Powers, or apply Boost modifiers to your Absorption for a broader boosting effect (see the Boost effect description for details).
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        Re: [2e] Absorption

        Absorption is one of the handwave powers that doesn't match it's components exactly.

        Since it counts against PL caps, most people change it out for Immunity (maybe Limited) and Reaction Boost.
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