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New to M&M: Limited teleport attack

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  • New to M&M: Limited teleport attack

    Basically, I'm a beginner and having trouble wrapping my mind around how to quantify certain powers. Essentially, the concept is of a baseball player, a hitter, who basically teleports things he hits away about 500 feet (I believe that's Teleport 4 distance?). He'd have no ability to self-teleport, but could teleport other living things and objects. He'd have no conscious precise control of where a thing is teleported to, although he'd have rough directional control based on how he swung his bat.

    Any idea on how to represent this fairly?
    And any idea how to represent this if the target, once teleported, comes out at a fair bit of velocity?

    Also, there's actually no need to bind the power to the baseball bat or anything.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: New to M&M: Limited teleport attack

    So essentially it's exactly like hitting the object (like a baseball) a great distance, but it's impossible to perceive or intercept said object within the first 500'. Does that sum up the descriptor?

    There are rules for simply flinging targets away with STR or Move Object with no real concern for precise targeting, which comes out just as Distance = Effect - Mass. The build is usually something like Move Object X, Limited to Flinging away for 1p/rank, so cheap and easy. The only thing that's hard to work with is that teleport gap. Looking at it narratively, it's like it's completely imperceptible until it hits that 500' mark, so it's sort of a limited Subtle, so it's tempting to just make it a Feature. On the other hand, I assume it's also capable of going through barriers up to a point, which makes me think it might be better as a Custom Extra.

    Or you could make it a variation on Teleport Attack (although I personally don't like Movement Attacks). By default making Teleport an Attack makes it Close Range, and you could limit it to Flinging Away in roughly the same as the above. Teleport also has its own flat extra called Change Velocity which is technically used to remove your momentum so you can teleport to rest from motion, but you could make a Feature with the same name and cost that imposes motion on the subject. If you want that extra motion to have some kind of effect (say Damage from falling or slamming into something), you should buy that as a Linked effect.
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