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Pressure Points: Dim Mak Baby!

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  • Pressure Points: Dim Mak Baby!

    To simulate the dreaded touch of death, Xena's paralyzing attack or any other strike that affects body in crazy ways,I have this:

    Meridian Manipulation
    Affliction 5 (Pressure Points) (Resisted by Fort)n/a,n/a,Transformed /,Progressive,Variable Conditions, Limited Degree:10

    This is an AE of the Damage portion of Strength. It lets you do pretty much anything you want to the target,within the descriptor. It is difficult to make it work, but it should be.

    And this:

    Master Of The Body
    ~Variable Triggered: 2

    This can be used with strength based damage or with Meridian Manipulation, to mess people up without them even knowing it until much later.

    Ideally the Strength Damage Array should have Precise and Subtle on it, for even better control.

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    Re: Pressure Points: Dim Mak Baby!

    I'd use Dim Mak as Weaken, driving down the target's Stamina or Agility/Dexterity in a way that incapacitates them on a failed opposed roll. Adding Secondary Effect is a perk.
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