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Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?

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  • Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?

    Does it amount to six contiguous 5' x5'x5' cubes?

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    Re: Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?

    Honestly? It's a bit screwed up. 30 cubic feet is like 5 foot by 5 foot by 1 foot. If you look at the 3E areas and map them against 2E areas, you find that they basically map to Rank 6, which would be 6 5x5x5 cubes, which would be 750 cubic feet. Personally, that's what I think they were aiming for, but they've never technically retracted the 30 cubic feet line.
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      Re: Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?

      They did add that it requires 4 cubic feet of . . . "effect" to affect a human-sized target in the newest editions of the handbook. That means one rank of Shapeable Area can affect up to 7 human subjects, presumably as long as they can be connected by the last 2 cubic feet of effect at whatever thickness your GM deems fair. 2 ranks would therefore affect 15 people as long as they hold hands, or at least stand close enough to be touching.

      Personally, I like to ditch the whole volume approach and just call it a Selective Burst Area with a 15' radius, in essentially the same way that Cloud Area can be described as a 15' Burst with Secondary Effect.
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        Re: Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?

        I would say that its so low, because you can shape the area as it is. The volume of the object you want to affect is lesser than that of the sphere it would fit in. By the numbers:

        Area Burst: 30 feet radius ~ 113097 cft
        Area Shape Lv17: 125000 cft (or a sphere with ~31 feet radius)

        Basically you are paying 15pp/r more for the ability to shape it if you want it to be the same volume as a Lv1 Area Burst with a "selective" extra.
        Selective Area Burst (basically same costs as Area Shape Lv17) would cover 120 miles in each direction.

        All in one - i have no idea why the hell anyone would ever pick the shapeable version. The only thing that comes to my find is to "exploit" the volume measurement and just make a laser-beam that is 10^-1000000000000 feet thick and reaches for the next galaxy, because the volume is still x*y*z and since x and y of the object are endlessly tiny it basically can reach for a basically infinite distance. Same goes for an ultra-thin damage-field. You can basically cover the whole planet with rank 1 as long as its thin enough and your GM will put up that kind of PG.

        Anyways, thats the mathematic part. If you dont exploit it, its useless, if you exploit it, its overpowered as hell.


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          Re: Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?

          Great points, especially the comparison to Selective Burst Area.
          I was looking for a flexible Line Area but a Selective Line Area is just as good.