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  • Improved Charge...

    An Advantage that would remove the 2 circumstance penalty to the close attack check that a making a charge invokes.
    Bigger penalties than this are removed by the existing "Improved X" advantages.
    The reason to not allow such an advantage is that it reduces the penalty for breaking PL caps when a Charge ends in a Slam.
    As a side note, I have not noticed speedster builds using Slamming Charges, maybe because it means ending your turn still in Close combat?

    Tell me what you think.

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    Re: Improved Charge...

    I see nothing wrong with making it available. It's exactly like Accurate for your Charge, or Close Combat Skill +2 (Charge/Slam).

    You can also make a character immune to its own Slam Damage for 2p.

    The trouble comes with keeping it within PL. Full Move Slams allow for either your Speed Rank +1 circumstance bonus in Damage, or your Strength +2 circ, whichever is higher. That extra rank or 2 of Damage is going to be all you get over PL, otherwise there should be a compensating drop in Attack to balance it out. You'll note the advantage still goes to Powerhouse types versus Speedsters, especially since Slam immunity is going to fit Powerhouse concepts more often.

    Spending 3p to remove all of the disadvantages may be an issue if all that character does is endlessly slam into things. Then again, there's still the full move requirement, so you need sufficient space to line it up. With the other limits removed, I'd recommend the GM making sure that issue comes up occasionally.
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      Re: Improved Charge...

      I was building a drop kick/flying tackle as a slot in a Martial Arts Array.

      Tackling Lunge Kick
      ~Immunity(to slam damage you inflict) rank 2 Immunity: 2
      ~Complication: Attacker Becomes Prone
      ~Improved Charge:1

      The potential +2 circumstantial ranks of Effect from Slam is balanced by the -2 circumstantial penalty from Charge. If my Attack and Damage are both at PL, I don't think I could add Accuracy to counter the -2 circumstance penalty without breaking PL. Thats why I am wondering if eliminating the penalty is too much, its not the same as as Accuracy, its better.

      I think I will bring it to the next game, but I won't count on it being accepted.


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        Re: Improved Charge...

        The only thing you have to consider is whether its a circumstance bonus (which is to say it lives outside PL) or not.