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Recovering from affliction/weaken effects?

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  • Recovering from affliction/weaken effects?

    So I was wondering how once recovers from affliction effects? In the 3e book, it describes how to recover from damage conditions (ie: regeneration, healing, recovery, etc), but nothing about affliction/weaken conditions. Its probably in the book somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

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    Re: Recovering from affliction/weaken effects?

    The target of an Affliction makes a resistance check at the end of each turn to remove first and second degree conditions. Third degree conditions require a minute of recovery time or outside aid, such as the Treatment skill or Healing effect (DC 10 + rank).
    DCA, page 87. Emphasis added.

    As for Weaken, lost points return at a rate of 1 per round at the end of each of the targetís turns. DCA, page 122.
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      Re: Recovering from affliction/weaken effects?

      To keep a consistent source, since the pages all change in the books, there's an open-source version of the rules here. The section on recovering from Afflictions is in the Affliction description, right after the list of 3rd degree Conditions.
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        Re: Recovering from affliction/weaken effects?

        DCA is what I have sitting on my desk in hard copy and as a PDF on all my digital gadgets. Hence, it's my go-to for page numbers.