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  • Falling object damage

    Out problem starts with a medium-sized character (size -2 in 3e terms) on top of a flying creature 5 size categories later than him (technically size 3 in 3e terms, but the scaling doesnt match). Now the medium-sized creature hit the awesome-sized (the name for Growth 20 in 2e) hard enough to stun it. the very big creature is 60 feet in the air, and is 128 feet square (almost the size of half a football field) and had 15 toughness. I ruled that the people under it had to make a reflex (dodge in 3e?) save vs DC25. If they passed they would only have to roll DC22 toughness and not be prone. if they failed the reflex it would be DC35 and theyd be prone. Basically made it very large area attack.

    There are other ways this could have went. Seeing as the big creature deal +6 saves (16 reflex, 21/18 toughness. on an area attack after it crashed.

    The closest I've found is there is a rule that says "if someone misses an attack due to size modifier, their attack may hit as an area attack of a size three size category lower than the attacker's size". Which would brain hurtingly put our half a football size monster's falling into a 15 sq foot area.

    Am I missing something? Maybe I could take a cue from 3e if there is any ruling about this?

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    Re: Falling object damage

    The "3 sizes lower" area attack is ostensibly for a deliberate attack with a striking limb. The idea is that if I was a Size 3 creature of approximately 250' height, my striking limbs (ie hands and feet) would be able to swat or stomp an area about 30' across, and attack creatures that were smaller than that area could be considered an Area Attack.

    What you're describing sounds like an accidental belly flop, with the whole creature hitting the ground at his full height/length. It also sounds pretty awesome and probably not a common occurrence, so I wouldn't sweat it too much. That said, the closest thing I can think of would be the Dropped Objects rules under Create: the Area Attack would be based on the object's size, and the object would inflict Damage equal to its Toughness. Of course, for Created objects, generally Toughness rank = Volume rank = Mass rank, so I would probably go with Mass rank, keeping in mind that Area attacks are limited to PL. The standard Dodge check results in no damage, unlike half for normal Area attacks.

    What you did sounds similar to the Drop as a rank 15 attack with Prone thrown in for flavour. I'm guessing it's over PL as well, but like I said, it sounds like a great game moment. If it was a comic book, there'd be at least one page of people scattering to avoid getting squashed as the beast hit the ground, followed by a two-page splash of the crash results.
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