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The Xanatos Gambit?

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  • The Xanatos Gambit?

    How exactly would you stat up a Xanatos gambit power? Where a character is so insightful and manipulative, that even when they seem to lose they still come out ahead. I imagine you can hand-wave a lot of it with GM, or bring it around to skill checks, just I want to stat it up as a power for fun.

    The best I have so far is Precognition with Requires Check: Insight, linked to subtle Mind Control (again, check required). Anyone have better suggestions?

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    Re: The Xanatos Gambit?

    It's really about thinking through your strategy. Like the example about Sun Tzu: when the enemy attacks you, you attack your enemy's weakest ally, which then accomplishes two things: the enemy has to retreat to defend the ally, or you pound on the ally (weaken them) and if the main enemy doesn't come to the ally's aid, the ally gets pissed and deserts the enemy.

    Enhanced Knowledge/Expertise (Tactics); Advantages: Skill Mastery (Tactics), Luck (Edit Scene).
    Since this whole thing requires the GM's say-so since you, as a player, are going to be more or less dictating plot, I'd also throw in the Edit Scene function of Hero Points to make things more favorable, e.g. creating the ally of your enemy where none existed before.
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      Re: The Xanatos Gambit?

      Or if you're statting up a NPC, you can just do what Jabroniville did with his build of David Xanatos and give them Benefit (Foiled plans also work out well).


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        Re: The Xanatos Gambit?


        A Xanatos gambit isn't about ALWAYS winning the battles.

        its about winning the war.

        in effect even when a Xanatos mastermind fails he still comes out ahead because hes arraigned things along all possibilities to insure that at the bare minimum even if he loses this round the fight is already decided.
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