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  • Basic Heroes Handbook Errata

    As a general comment, when Daze or Fascinate are included, it probably should indicate you need to pick a skill (sometimes one is already specified, of course). I also did not check any of the math on the archetypes.

    Page 5 - Penultimate Panel - "And you Technology rank" should be "And your Technology rank".
    Page 9 - Resistance Checks - "Reflex" should be "Dodge". Also, unless they're changing the rules, that should be "Damage Rank + 15 for Damage checks" because it has the higher base DC even with Alternate Saves, and other powers using Toughness as an Alternate Save start with a DC of 10.
    Page 13 - Imagine a Character Concept - "Are you a powerful psychic reads her enemies’ thoughts?" should be "Are you a powerful psychic who reads her enemies’ thoughts?"
    Page 14 - Academics - "every`where" should be "everywhere"
    Page 14 - Athletics - "Your physique and you confidence are both overwhelming" should be "Your physique and your confidence are both overwhelming"
    Page 21 - Sorcerer - "you may wish t consider taking a Complication" should be "you may wish to consider taking a Complication"
    Page 26 - Academics - "You persue a specific field of study and the tools it requires." should be "You pursue a specific field of study and the tools it requires."
    Page 28 - Charm - This may be a matter of taste, but "You’re a fast friend, easy to talk to always ready with an ear." should probably be "You’re a fast friend, easy to talk to, always ready with an ear."
    Page 28 - Music - "you’ve got plenty of tiem to practice." should be "you’ve got plenty of time to practice."
    Page 32 - What is Your Name? - "Do you love the celebrity than comes with super powers?" should be "Do you love the celebrity that comes with super powers?"
    Page 36 - Gadgets & Gear - "Both improve the character or grant them some edge, can be taken away or damaged, unless in-born super powers or training." should probably be something like "Both improve the character or grant them some edge, but can be taken away or damaged, unlike in-born super powers or training."
    Page 37 - Abilities - " Strength, Stamina, Agility, Dexterity" should be " Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Dexterity"
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    Re: Basic Heroes Handbook Errata

    You hope you catch everything, but you never do.
    Thank you so much for collecting these. Unfortunately, because this is a GenCon release, it has already been at the printer and it's too late to add any of these changes to the first printing. We'll incorporate them for the reprint, though!


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      Re: Basic Heroes Handbook Errata

      • page 32: What Is Your Name?: Last paragraph, last sentence: Are their any dangers or problems that come from using one name? their should be there.
      • page 53, Feature, last paragraph, last sentence:
      like a glow of soundtrack.
      Should be like a glow or soundtrack.
      • page 56, Mind Reading: Sesnory Link, should be Sensory Link.
      • page 72, Resistance Checks, 1st paragraph: your characetr, should be character.
      • page 72, Ongoing Effects, 2nd paragraph, last sentence: Different Effects nd Powers, nd should be and.
      • page 75, Gain an Advantage, 2nd sentence: For rankled Advantages, should be ranked.
      • page 76, Challenges, last paragraph: series injuries for the hero or bystanders, should be serious.
      • page 79, image: Says Partial Cover for the one robot but gives the penalty for total cover.
      • page 82, Defensive Attack, last sentence: bonus seems unneeded in the sentence.
      • page 96, 1st paragraph, 2nd sentence:
      These adventures are relatively genertic
      Should be generic.
      • page 100, The Heist, In This Exciting Issue:
      You get to select which supervillains the face.
      the should be they.
      • page 101, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence: Move Obejct, should be Object.
      • page 108, Goals, 1st goal:
      They will soo need rescuing as the fire cuts off their retreat.
      soo should be soon.
      • Luna Moth, page 115: Toughness says it is 2 without Defensive Roll, missing any Device with Protection or Benefit [Equipment] to cover a costume which gives the missing 1 point of Toughness. Unless Stamina should be 2 and not 1 as listed.
      • Overshadow, Personality, page 127, last paragraph, last sentence:
      These clones use the same statistics listen here
      listen should be listed.
      • Thug, page 128: Intimidation should be +3 total.

      And with FuzzyBoots found that is all the errata I noticed as well.
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        Re: Basic Heroes Handbook Errata

        I've been going over the new Archetypes and checking the math, although I guess there's a lesser focus on that with the way the Basic book is laid out. They barely touch on power points save as experience awards.

        Page 11 - "What to I roll to distract them?" should be do.

        Page 15 - Crimefighter adds up to 151p and the Archer Power Suite option with any Ability option that adds to Dex breaks PL. Both problems are solved if you drop Ranged Attack advantage from 7 to 6. Also, it's not difficult to get a +21 Stealth bonus.

        Page 17 - Daze should include (Intimidating). Fearless is a Benefit now?
        - Under Avatar, [Immunity 5 (Disease, Environmental Conditionals),] is probably meant to be Environmental Conditions (all) and the total points would be 6.
        - Blaster totals 147p. Could probably use more close traits.
        - Elementalist paragraph mearly should be merely.
        - Energy Sense would require Acute to support Analytical. Total is 150p, so would need to swap things around.

        Page 19 - Artifact Bearer - [granting to flight] should be [granting flight]
        - Energy Weapon breaks close PL. Could easily be lower rank with some extras.
        - Total 159p. May have missed Advantages.
        - Gimmicks - Total is 160+p. Basic only has one form of Removable, so points may not be consistent, although almost all cases are over budget unless everything is calculated as Easily Removable.
        - Blast, Snare and Stun are treated as interchangeable, but Blast is 2p/rank and Snare/Stun would be 3p/rank as Ranged Cumulative Afflictions. Dropping Snare/Stun to 6 ranks and adding 2 ranks of Accurate would balance this out and still fit PL.
        Powersuit - no issues

        Page 21 - Mystic - all versions over budget
        - Psychic - Total 156p. Memory Wipe probably needs some extras, like Cumulative or Increased Range.
        - Sorceror - [wish t consider] should be [wish to consider]. Also no period at end of paragraph.
        - Total 164p. Snare probably pushing up most of that; could be dropped to rank 8 to lower overall Array cost.
        - Vessel - Total 152p. Combining Brawling Skill package with Vessel Power option breaks PL for close attacks.

        will continue
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          Re: Basic Heroes Handbook Errata

          Page 23 - Champion - point totals work, although Blast 10 has +0 attack and both Blast and Damage would be better served in an array. That would free up 3p that could be used to make the Blast more Accurate, or Blast 10 could be changed to Cone or Line Damage to match up with the suggested lightning or flame-gouting descriptors. In any case, it would be a good candidate for power-stunting.
          - Patriot - Total 151p, although arraying Shield attacks fixes this. Also Close Shield attack breaks PL if player opts for the mandatory Close Combat 2 to go toward Weapon and not Unarmed.

          Page 25 - Metamorph - Total 147p. Could apply that to throwing to give a ranged attack.

          Page 27 - Arachnid - Spider Webbing and Scorpion Tail Arrays have different costs but are treated as interchangeable. Total w/Web 162p; dropping Snare rank 6 solves the math but drops web to PL8. Total w/Tail 151p.
          - Carnivore - Total 156p. Claws break PL with two of the 3 Ability bonus options.
          - Raptor - Total 151p.
          Recommend trimming out 1 Fort or Will rank from overall defenses, lower Carnivore's Regen to 5 and giving Spider Accurate Snare 6 Split or a third array slot.

          Page 29 - Courser - [crossing almost any surafce before] should be surface. Also, High-Spirited Ability option would push up STR and increase Punch Everyone cost by 2p.
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          My current character thread: [URL=""]The Sound of my Eyebeams[/URL][URL=""]
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