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  • Rogues Gallery errata thread

    Here is everything I've found up to The Mesmerist entry. More later after I sleep.

    Rogues Gallery errata
    Alien-Gator II, page 11: Advantages should be 20 points and Skills should be 18 points.
    Apocalypsette, page 13: Apocalypse Guitar should be 110 points total after Removable. Demonic Winds cost 30 points, Abilities add up to 40 points, Powers should be 156 points, Advantages should be 4 points. Total is 259.
    Apostate, page 15: Insight should be +11 total, Intimidation should be +10 total.
    The Arctic Fox, page 17: Powers add up to 57 points. Total is 267.
    Bres the Beautiful, page 20: Ranged Combat: Magic should be +8 total. Powers add up to 71 points. Total is 190.
    Cheatcode, page 24: Vehicles should be +11 total.
    Doctor Tectonic, page 29: Geo-Nanobots should 38 points array, as Earth Manipulation adds up to 38 points, no effect on the AF. Deep-Earth Exploration Pod should be 129 points [after Removable is applied], Removable [-33 points]. Nanobot-Infused Mind adds up to 29 points. Powers add up to 183 points. Total is 258.
    Drive By, page 32: Abilities add up to 74 points. Total is 269. Toughness would be 10 without Defensive Roll, plus Advantages being listed as 36 leads me to believe Defensive Roll 2 is leftover from a previous version of the character.
    Elzaya Queen-Empress of the Infraverse, page 34: Organitech Armor should be 82 points total, if the Organitech Translator is a part of it. Removable would be -17 points if that is the case, total 65 points. Bio-electric Blast cost 20 points. Powers cost 68 points with above. Total is 176 with above note for Organitech Armor.
    Eminence, page 39: Alien Carapace is 22 points. Stellar Energy Manipulation is a 33 points Array. Cosmic Strength adds up to 33 points, 34 with Dynamic. Cosmic Speed's Enhanced Advantages should be 8 ranks. EMP needs Affects Objects to be Affects Objects Only or it goes over base Array slot's cost. Based on Vehicles skill and Ranged Attacks, Dexterity should be 6. Powers to 129 points. Total is 283.
    Empress Sola, page 42: Otherworldy doesn't note her Detect is for magic or that she uses her sense of smell for it. Shadow Sorcery: Bonds of Doubt is missing Extra Condition extra. Viewing Shard: The cost for its two effects are flipped, top one should be 52, bottom one 1 point. Powers add up to 137 points, Advantages add up to 17 points. Total is 273.
    Esquire, page 45: Grappling Hook Launcher, I thought you rounded up the total for purposes of Removable and Easily Removable, so it should be -1 point and 1 point total since the cost can't drop below 1 point. Powers add up to 25 points with above taken into account. Total is 218.
    Explodo the Great, page 48: Armored Costume should be Removable [-5 points] 17 points. Explosions! Array is 44 points base. Boom! adds up to 44 points, as both must have the same range and the Burst Area Affliction needs to be Ranged as well. Powers add up to 74 points. Total is 185.
    Freestyle, page 50: Blackout Bombs should be Easily Removable [-4 points] 6 points. Powers add up to 31 points. Total is 132.
    Harbinger of the Far Tide, page 52: Call the Wrathful Winds should be (60 points). Unearthly Physiology: Enhanced Stamina seems leftover from a previous version of the build, not needed with Growth and Density Growth. Enhanced Defenses add up to 19 ranks, Immunity adds up to 17 ranks. Total for Unearthly Physiology without Enhanced Stamina is 86 points. Avatar of the Harbinger with one rank of Morph and -2 points for Standard Action activation adds up to 342 points. Powers add up to 342, Advantages add up to 3. Total is 383.
    Vicious Ogre, page 53: Offense section, Paralytic Grab should be +6 to hit.
    Kathryn the Red, page 58: Fey Step adds up to 7 points with the Movement. Powers add up to 97 points. Total is 213.
    Kid Grimm, page 61: Advantages add up to 12 points. Total is 219.
    Brimstone, Ghostly Steed, page 61: Powers add up to 83 points, though 4 ranks of Protection are unneeded as Growth gives ranks of Protection to beings without Stamina score. Total is 89, 85 if 4 ranks of Protection are removed due to Growth.
    Lady Lighting, page 64: Under Powers her Living Lightning form is listed as 135 points instead of 136, though the Powers total is correct. Skills add up to 21 points. Total is 194.
    Loma Slife, page 66: Advantages add up to 29 points, Skills add up to 45 points, Defenses add up to 11 points. Total is 271.
    Madame Guillotine, page 69: Les Lames de Guillotine, Easily Removable should be (-5 points) with same final cost. Athletics should be +15 total.
    Megastar, page 73: Powers add up to 158 points. Total is 247.

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    Re: Rogues Gallery errata thread

    And here is the rest of the errata I found.

    Mistress Hyde, page 80: Of Two Minds should be Enhanced Skills 18 and cost 18 points. Total for Monstrous Form and Powers are correct.
    Mother Moonlight, page 82: Serpent Aspect: Concealment should be 4 ranks for all visual, Serpent Aspect adds up to 32 points. Strength of Her Enemies adds up to 23 points. Undying Servant of Coatlicue cost 59 points. Abilities add up to 46 points, Powers add up to 138 points. Total is 232.
    The Myrmidon, page 85: Achilles' Shield should Easily Removable (-7 points) 13 points due to Indestructible. Investigation should be +9 total. Powers add up to 81 points. Total is 212. Complications, Brash: he acts he like it. 2nd he isn't needed
    Newt, page 87: Sticky-Tongue Grapple cost 5 points. Powers add up to 24 points, Total is 107.
    Nightmare Child, page 89: Composite Body, Protection only needs to be rank 11 with Growth 4 adding to Toughness. With Protection 11, it would cost 62 points, unless Permanent Death on Immortality is a -1 cost per rank limitation, in which case it would cost 57 points. Powers add up to 110 points or 105 points if Permanent Death on Immortality is a -1 cost per rank limitation. Total is 178 or 173 with noted above for Immortality.
    The Oblivion Knight, page 91: Cold-Staff: Cold-Burn cost 15 points, should be the base effect. Array is 15 points, cost for Cold-Staff should be 10 points. Eternal Antagonist cost 38 points. Oblivion Gemstone: Removable should be -8 points with Indestructible, total cost is correct. Skills add up to 28 points, Powers add up to 124 points, Advantages add up to 30 points. Total is 276.
    Petka, page 92: Powers add up to 67 points. Total is 137.
    Oblivion Trooper, page 92: Armor, Impervious Toughness should be Impervious Protection. Powers add up to 120, Defenses add up to 6. Total is 126.
    The Orphean, page 94: Blessing of Ambrosia adds up to 37 points. The Music Divine: The Array should be (53 points) and 58 points total with Coax Loose The Soul as the base effect since it cost the most at 53 points. Powers add up to 116 points. Total is 221.
    Pandemic, page 98: Powers add up to 142 points. Total is 183.
    Prince Rokkar, page 100: Skills add up to 17 points, Advantages add up to 22 points. Total is 131.
    MC-1, page 101: Defenses add up to 4 points. Skills suggest that INT should be 4, not -1. Thus Abilities should cost 30 points with this change. Total is 159 with INT at 4.
    Princess Silverwing, page 103: Based on Abilities and Defenses totals, Toughness and Fortitude, it seems Stamina should be 3, not the listed 2.
    Red-Teeth Sven, page 105: Powers: Berserking, the final Quirk should be worth -2 points to get a final cost of 17 points. Bjorn Sveindson's Mind: Expertise: Occult should be Expertise: Magic to fit with Skills, needs Expertise: Epic Poetry 8, Expertise: Norse Mythology -5, and Investigation -6 to match adjustments to Skills. Cost of Bjorn Sveindson's Mind with above adjustments would be 2 points. Sven's Weapons is (7 points) array, Skills: Expertise: Epic Poetry should be (+8/+12**). Benefit 3 [Readied Rituals 3], Jack-of-all-trades, Ritualist, and Well-Informed are shown in italics when they aren't Enhanced Advantages but lost as normal Advantages when Bjorn Sveindson's Mind is active. Abilities add up to 78 points, Skills add up to 22 points, Advantages add up to 20 points. Powers add up to 47 points with above noted adjustments. Total is 184 with above adjustments.
    Rune of Return, page 106: It needs another limitation to be a Readied Ritual, as it actually cost 22 points currently.
    S.E.L.F.I.E., page 108: You Should Totally Subscribe! listed as 2 points instead of 4, Powers total is correct.
    Shatter Follower, page 112: Missing Skills entry.
    Skyjacker, page 114: Advantages add up to 41 points. Total is 212.
    Tesla Girl, page 121: Powers add up to 53 points. Total is 189.
    Tun, page 123: Level Editor should be (73 points) array. Sprites is 74 points with Dynamic on it. Powers add up to 170 points. Total is 306.
    Camprode, page 123: Powers add up to 83 points, Defenses add up to 6 points. Total is correct.
    Vathek the Appeaser, page 128: Skill Mastery is missing 2 to cover both skills. Desire Demon Sorcery: Should be Array (40 points), Evil Eye should be the base power as it cost 40 points, 41 with Dynamic. Sensory Overload only cost 34 points, 1 as an AE. 43 points for full array cost. Silver-Tongued Devil cost 7 points. Abilities add up to 76 points, Skills add up to 36 points, Advantages add up to 27 points, Powers add up to 80 points. Total is 249 points.
    The Gobstopper, page 133: Skill add up to 21 points. Total is 141.
    Gumball Rally, page 133: Parry should be 13.
    Buddy, page 138: Defenses add up to 7 points. Total is 175.
    Titan, page 142: Powers add up to 23 points. Total is 142.
    Pocus, page 149: Skills, based on skill totals and Skills total, Sleight of Hand and Stealth should each be rank 12.
    Bernard Usher, page 152: Powers add up to 43 points
    Francis Usher, page 153: Defense: Fortitude should have /9* included.
    Powers & Abilities, page 155, 1st paragraph, last sentence: are extend his icy reach, should be or extend his icy reach.
    Sentry Cygnus, page 165: Abilities add up to 20 points. Total is 133.
    Sentry Scorpio, page 167: Advantages adds up to 10 points, unless Disarming is supposed to have 3 for its rank. Total is 118 if not the case for Disarming.
    Sentry Taurus, page 167: Powers add up to 74 points. Total is 128.


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      Re: Rogues Gallery errata thread

      Thank you for posting these, Psistrike!

      I am following up with my Rogues on the thread below, and your proofreading efforts have certainly my work far, far easier.

      In the thread, I do address errata, notes on the characters' traits and backgrounds, and other options (such as giving the Oblivion Knight's Cold-Staff the Reach 1 trait for the weapon, which was intended for the write-up anyway and results in the the correct point total).

      Thanks again! All my best.