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M&M Metamorph Cost wierd wording

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  • M&M Metamorph Cost wierd wording

    In the core book, under Morph it states that to go Metamorph that it's a Flat +1 Per Rank of Metamorph. Is it a flat +1 or is it per rank?

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    Re: M&M Metamorph Cost wierd wording

    It's a flat +1, but you can purchase multiple ranks. Each rank of the Extra allows for a different set of traits, so you can have as many, or as few as you want, provided you have the Power Points to spend.
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      Re: M&M Metamorph Cost wierd wording

      Easiest way to understand Metamorph is that it's an additional AE on all of your points not spent on Morph and Metamorph. That last bit is where people tend to get confused. Same with powers like Duplication where your duplicates can't Duplicate, so you don't have to buy up 10 ranks on a starting PL 10 character.
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