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About Impervious the modifier

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  • About Impervious the modifier

    I just got this rule(M&M 3E core) and try to play with my friend.
    We have a problem when we are trying to make our first hero.
    I'm not a native English speaker, So there may be some mistakes in this passage.Please forgive me for that.

    This is the case:
    In CHAPTER 6 power, some of us try to use a modifier called [Impervious]
    we find out in the [chapter 2 THE POWERHOUSE - PRINCESS],princess use [Impervious Toughness] as one of her power.
    And we figure out that 8 ranks cost total 8 point. So some of us think it can be used as a 1 cost per rank effect for a defence.

    But then we see in power [Immunity] that [80 ranks: All effects resisted by Toughness (the equivalent of 40 ranks of Impervious Toughness).]
    In this description, Impervious Toughness seem to be cost 80 point as rank 40. Or it's means that they have the same result but different cost?

    And why can this extra not be applied to the effect? Is it only apply to one of defence?
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    The Errata forum is generally for reporting known errors . You're probably looking for Mutants and Masterminds Rules. That said, indeed, Impervious is only applicable to defenses, and is 1 PP/rank, and can be applied to native Toughness (as well as to Will or Fortitude saves from one's ability scores, etc). Whether Impervious can be applied to Dodge and Parry is a bit more debated, but I think it is a reasonable thing to do.

    Anyhow, the 2E pricing for Immunity to Toughness saves as 80 PP was based on four 20 PP immunities for "very common" immunities to non-lethal physical, lethal physical, non-lethal energy, and lethal energy. I suspect that the 3e people kept the same price and then justified it with 40 ranks of Impervious Protection (not Impervious Toughness) to make the math work out right.
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      Thanks for the answer!!
      And I‘m sorry to posted in wrong place