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    Psistrike posted errata on the old forum, but JonL claims they were all fixed. One I recent ran into was Ground Zero.

    The point breakdown I have for his powers:
    • BOOM! [91 PP]
      • Explosive Discharge [1 PP Alt]
    • Energy Conversion
      • Reaction Fades Regeneration 10 [30 PP]
      • Reaction Fades Strength 10 [20 PP]
      • Impervious Limited Protection 10 [10 PP]
    • Inhuman Form
      • Immunity 6 [6 PP]
      • Leaping 3 [3 PP]

    That only comes out to 161 PP of powers, not 169. And that's assuming a +3 Reaction on Regeneration, which probably doesn't make sense, since that power started as Reaction in the first place (although, that's ignoring the general issue where having enhanced abilities only part of the time should cost less than having them all the time, or at least garner a Complication and break even in cost).
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