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  • Cosmic Handbook Errata

    Please post edits that need to be made to the Cosmic Handbook in this thread!

    This format is preferred:

    p. 54, under Privateers and Rebels, 2nd para, 3rd line, change to, “... a price on their heads since their foes have resources and influence.”


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    Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

    p. 10, under Teacher or Student, paragraph 2, first sentence: It now reads as: In the first instance, "the alien’s culture regularly engages in a practice anathema to most human." That last word should be "humans".

    p. 15, under Difficult Concepts, paragraph 4, sentence 2: (like Persuasion or Bluff), should be (like Persuasion or Deception)


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      Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

      Assuming the PDF Jon sent me is the same document we're finding errata in:

      p. 32, statblock for Explorer Class Starship, the descriptive names for Trans-Portal Room and Long-Dstiance Trans-portal Room are transposed, the titles of these two powers should be switched, like this:

      Long-Distance Trans-Portal Room: Burst Area Selective Extended Teleport 7 (120 miles), Limited to Extended, Limited Location: To anywhere, back to the ship • 21 points

      Trans-portal Room: Burst Area Selective Teleport 7 (0.5 miles), Limited Location: To anywhere, back to the ship • 1 point

      (Note: I would also suggest changing the order of the powers to put the Hyperspace Drive entry below the two Trans-portal entries, but this is not necessary).
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        Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

        p. 134, under Alien Templates, the header Cholaxian should be Cholaxan
        p. 135, under Alien Templates, the title bar that reads Cholaxian template should be Cholaxan template
        p. 137, under C of the Index, Cholaxian (template) should be Cholaxan (template)
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          Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

          page 64, Space Dragon: Self-Sustaining is off, as it list Pressure twice under Immunity.

          page 76, Time Master: Powers are listed under the header Equipment. Temporal Banishment's DC should be 24 instead of 14. Under Offense, Temporal Banishment should be Movement Attack 14 [Dodge DC 24].

          page 104, The Star Knights entry, paragraph 4, sentence 3: They are beginning of sentence is missing T.

          page 134, Alien Worm: Toughness has a lower case o instead of O.

          page 135, Jereid Template: Powers add up to 17 points, Total Template is 51 points, not 52 as shown.

          page 136, Shoon Template: Overall Total shown as X instead of 5.

          page 136, Rulaan entry, sentence 2: Should at beginning of sentence, s isn't capitalized.
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            Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

            Edited previous post with all remaining errata others haven't noted which I found. Surprisingly little errata in book this time. Good job by Green Ronin editors.


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              Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

              Page 83, Collapsar Paragraph 3 near the end: "The events that followed are told in the Heroes’ Journey: Event Horizon adventure series found in this book."

              Apparently, there is no series at the end of this book. But if you wanted to make a pdf thing since its probably already done, y'know, just sayin'.....


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                Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

                The entry on Claremont Academy 2525 mentions co-headmasters Casey Leeds and Una Hunt.....but then in the next paragraph mention "headmaster Warner".

                And checking back on the 2e edition in Worlds of Freedom I think the error comes from "Casey Leeds" having been "Caias Ward" and thus "headmaster Warner" was originally "headmaster Ward".


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                  Re: Cosmic Handbook Errata

                  The text on Ruluan is repeated, with a "should be" in quotations marks between the repeated texts.