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  • Help with my character!

    My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, I've tried to look around but I just simply couldn't find where to do it! In any case, hello Atomic Think Tank! Mutants and Masterminds is my second setting I'm playing and I've no clue how to make strong characters. I don't want to be necessarily overpowered, but I'd like to have a competent character. We're at Powerlevel 16 with 236 Power Points! I was inspired by Turkic mythology, the she-wolf Asena! The backstory will be rather cliche and simple, since I don't want to make anything too fancy for my first character. It's basically "raised by wolves". The superpowers I'd like to have would be similar to All Might from My Hero Academia mixed with lycantrophy. What should my stat sheet look like? Which powers should I go for?

    Here are the powers and stat sheets:

    I'm sorry if it's all over the place! I'm excited, and not entirely sure how to go about it!

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    Re: Help with my character!


    Is everyone in this game new to M&M? If so, starting at PL16 is probably a mistake. But that's probably out of your control.

    What is the Summon for? Summon is used when you want something else to appear while you are still there. You want an alternate form (look in the book). Basically, you put a bunch of linked powers and give then all the activation "flaw".

    Your defenses are too low. Maximize against the PL limits. You need more toughness or defensive roll.

    You have no ranged or area attacks. Leaping might help with that but it can be a problem not being able to reach your opponents.


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      Re: Help with my character!

      Any game PL 12+ there is no reason not to maximize your PL defenses unless you specifically want to be vulnerable as part of your concept. You have so many points.

      Here's my suggestion. First, familiarize yourself with PL limits. Start with the Warrior archetype. Now, you have 90 points to play with. Take a couple of ranks in Strength-based damage ("Claw and bite") for your offense, then take enough Close Combat: Natural weapons to hit the PL limit. Take some Protection, Parry, and Dodge fairly evenly until you hit the PL limit. Raise Fortitude by 8 and Will by 4.

      Take some ranks in Ranged Combat: Thrown. Now you can leverage your physical power at a range.

      Take the Super-Senses package and customize it with wolf stuff. Now, spend 10 points on Leaping, as well. Take a rank in Improved Critical (natural weapons), because you are so savage.

      Now just start cherry-picking whatever other powers you want. If you have builder software it will even be a snap.


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        Re: Help with my character!

        Thank you everyone for your input! I'll be sure to up all the defenses some, and I wanted the summon as something like an avatar of said deity/supernatural power that helps me fight. Perhaps I'm wanting to do too much at once? I'm not entirely sure if the DM is doing this for the first time, but he's my friend and I think he's fairly new to DMing so we're all really lax about everything.