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Quick Power Build Question (Grab + Affliction)

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  • Quick Power Build Question (Grab + Affliction)

    How do I build a power that grabs a target while an affliction affects them?

    I want a whip that has a reach and grabs (no damage) and then an affliction hits (based on grab).
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    Re: Quick Power Build Question (Grab + Affliction)

    You're looking for the Grab-Based Flaw.

    An attack effect with this flaw requires you to successfully grab a target before using the effect (see Grab). This generally applies to an effect that is close range, since you have to be in close combat to grab anyway. If the effect’s default range is not close, apply the Close modifier as well. If you do not succeed on the grab, you cannot use the effect. If your grab attempt succeeds, the effect occurs automatically as a reaction.


    This flaw is essentially a form of Resistible, with a grab check rather than a regular resistance check (see the Resistible flaw for more).
    The text describes it as an automatic reaction, but the clarification indicates that it should be part of a regular Grab attack. For that reason, I don't allow it to just keep getting fired off automatically, but rather allow it as the Standard action in the Grab, much as Strength Damage might be. If you want it to go off without having to take actions, you should be buying it up to Reaction instead.
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