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  • Fantasy and other genres

    Where would I go to find adaptations for other genres in 3e - either GR or 3rd party work. I have the Rogue Genius stuff - Super-powered bestiary and their Martial arts book. I'm looking for something like the 2e books - Warriors & Warlocks, Mecha & Manga, etc.

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    Re: Fantasy and other genres

    I'm not sure if there are adaptations beyond that. But in general, I don't think it's too complicated, really, especially if you're familiar with systems/settings such as Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and the like.

    Many posters on this board have done D&D conversions, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to translate Warhammer characters into M&M. (The typical daemon slayer translated as PL 10!)


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      Re: Fantasy and other genres

      I'd say you'll find what you need in the Power Profiles and Gadget Guides with archaic weapons and magic among other things. Pretty sure there's also some other books with pre built stuff you can tweak. I mainly use Herolab and open the encounter builder to see a pretty big list of examples.

      There's no dedicated fantasy book for 3e from what I know. But I've ran fantasy games perfectly fine without them. With what this system gives you out of the box with what you can create, you really don't need all that much pre built stuff, just some general examples.


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        Re: Fantasy and other genres

        There are a few more Rogue Genius products for fantasy:
        Super Powered Bard
        Super Powered Cleric

        Misfit Studios has The Manual of Mutants & Monsters series for some more monster stat blocks.

        There's Trident City as an alternative to fantasy Freedom City.


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          Re: Fantasy and other genres

          Icarus did some fantasy PCs and archetypes that I helped edit in this thread.
          My old [URL=""]Atomic Think Tank[/URL] thread
          My current character thread: [URL=""]The Sound of my Eyebeams[/URL][URL=""]
          I will build characters in HeroLab for you! Send me [URL=""]your finished design[/URL] or even [URL=""]your original concept[/URL]!


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            Re: Fantasy and other genres

            You can check out my character thread for some of the 2E Wizards and Warlocks characters converted to PL6 mostly 3E that i did for introducing some rfiends to M&M from old version of D&D(prior to 3E).
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