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  • Hey-sorry I accidentally posted off-topic; I wrote this up and meant to post in the Settings forum, where there's a thread dealing with The Super-Team handbook characters and Anti-Earth; but if any of you want to check that out too:

    Regardless, glad the pre-order copies are getting to people now. I'll continue to post on my own set of characters from time to time, though I'm in a bit of busy spot right now.

    All my best.


    • When will the book be out on DriveThru? The Deluxe Gamemaster Guide is on there already, but I can't find the Superteam Handbook. Is it an exclusive?


      • Originally posted by Wheeljack View Post
        When will the book be out on DriveThru? The Deluxe Gamemaster Guide is on there already, but I can't find the Superteam Handbook. Is it an exclusive?
        Took the words out of my mouth, really hoping it's on DriveThru very soon!


        • One minor disappointment I had with the final published work is that I didn't get to coordinate very closely with the artist who rendered my Project Freedom heroes, unlike the characters I did for Rogues Gallery (or even the earlier 2e adventure book, All-In)); while the illustrations are obviously quite well-rendered, only a few elements of my designs were used. I certainly cannot fault the artist from making his own creative choices regarding the characters interpretations, but I thought perhaps a few of you might be interested in my original conceptions for their appearances.

          9th Airborne: Fairly similar, but I pictured the armor's torso, gauntlets, and boots as khaki green (recalling his army background), with the arms and legs of the power-suit being a burnished gold. Also, I imagined Cain Rocha as a slim featured Hispanic man with a skull shaved to stubble, rather than a square jawed guy with a wedge of dark hair.

          Fortress America: WAY different-my version is younger looking, with a wild, thick mane of silver-blonde hair (due to him being part Far-Sider); as befits the name, his costume was red (torso), white (belt, gloves, and boots), and blue (lower body), with a half-face mask and a chest symbol resembling a silver-white circle (representing the Far-Sider moon/Luna symbol) with alternating red-and-blue stripes.

          Hexorcist:: I just figured Hexorcist should resemble his original depiction in the old-school Lockdown supplement; a skinny, oddly contorted figure draped in leather armor and cloth wrappings, except the original costume would be tattered and worn, exposing scarred, tattooed (with occult symbols) flesh.

          Stormstress: Pretty much the closest, but I had updated her look a bit, with a black body-stocking adorned with an asymmetric lightning-pattern, and pale purple boots and gloves. I also conceived of this version of Stormstress as a bit older and slightly more hardened-looking, reflecting years in and out of prison.

          Queen of Hearts: I think the artist used the actress Udo Azuba (who plays the formidable Crazy Eyes in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black) as a model for QofH: I imagined her more like the WWE wrestler/plus-size model Nia Jax. In my mind's eye, she wore a gold-tinted mask, and was clad in a half-red, half-black bodysuit, with red gloves, black boots, a gold belt, and a literal "queen of hearts" playing card design on her left bosom.

          Been brushing up on my own art skills lately, so perhaps when I have a little more time on my hands I'll actually draw up my versions.

          All my best!