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Could I request some sheet help? Feeling old and rusty with a side of overwhelmed.

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  • Could I request some sheet help? Feeling old and rusty with a side of overwhelmed.

    Hello all! Been a while since I've been here, as it's been a long since I've played M&M. I finally have a new group, and I'm getting to use a character I had to sideline years ago. I'm really excited about it, and yet I'm worried about my numbers.

    In short, I'm going for a fusion of Mr. Terrific and Firestorm, being good (not great) at everything with some limited (5 times per day) transformation power. I initially thought to use things like setup and teamwork to be a good support character, and use her powers as needed. I think I've outstretched myself on the PL 10 / 150 points thing, as I'm at 138 points and my skills seem low. I have a mythweaver sheet below, but doing this up quickly

    Myth sheet if that's easier:

    Abilities: cost is 32
    2 in everything

    Power: cost 40
    Transformation Rank 8 (5 per rank, anything to anything, cost 40)

    Advantages: cost 19

    Defensive roll, rank 8
    Attractive, rank 1
    Equipment, rank 2
    Team work
    Set up
    Jack of all trades
    animal empathy
    Daze (deception)

    Skills: Cost 15

    2 in all the defaults.

    (acrobatics, athletics, close combat, deception, insight, intimidation, investigation, perception, persuasion, ranged combat, sleight of hand, stealth, tech, treatment, vehicles)

    Defenses: cost 32

    10 to everything (with defensive roll).


    Total should be 138 if I'm doing my math right (which I admit, I was not doing right earlier, as I was counting toughness/defensive roll twice as I started this post).

    If anyone has any tips, pointers, or corrections if I made an error, I'd love some feedback. I worry that in my attempt to be good at everything, I'm not actually 'good' at anything, and if I've over shot this concept.

    Thank you for your time, and happy gaming out there.

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    Re: Could I request some sheet help? Feeling old and rusty with a side of overwhelmed.

    You are correctly assessing that you've spread yourself too thin. You've sunk thirty-something PP into getting that +4 to most skills, and +4 is pretty meager. M&M makes "good at everything" very very expensive. If you want to go full Skills, there's four main choices.
    A: Pick a few, bring them high. Be great at somethings, but not good at most things.
    B: Buy, and justify, a Variable (Skills). The plus is it instantly solves your issues by making you good at everything, the minus is many people think it's cheesier than a nacho buffet.
    C: Put your skills in an array. Basically B, but a bit more constrained.
    D: Bite the bullet and accept that you'll have just the one trick aside from your skills. If you put two or three AEs on that Transform you can have some damn nice powers and still dump the rest of your points into skills.