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PL8 122pp Mage - Help!

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    Re: PL8 122pp Mage - Help!

    Originally posted by Rush View Post
    I'd personally set the cost of the Prestidigitation feature to 2 or 3pp, depending on what specifics you laid out at the time.

    That said, if you *really* wanted an effect that was *truly* only for show, I'd say skip the Feature entirely; your magic array should allow for what you want just fine. It already incorporates Move Object, magic blasts, and more. I'd personally allow you to use the array to emulate Prestidigitation outside of combat for free.
    Thanks Rush,

    Fair enough. I agree that if I was getting more out of it than just some roleplay then I should be paying for the ability.

    I do like the idea that such minor magics would just be hand waved. It really is a crucial component of the game that drew me in. As an example, I remember talking to someone about throwing daggers like Jarlaxle, who seems to have an endless supply of daggers that he can throw at rapid speed. What followed was a debate about summoning vs. endless quivers vs. making up a new magical item vs. no clue, I wandered off less interested in the specifics than the roleplay (it was never going to compete with even a shortbow outside of LCF). How I understand it so far, here it would just be Blast modified how one might see the torrent of daggers being applied (full stop).

    Now, I just need a game.